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    22 DIY Minimalist Monochrome Manicures

    To complement your fall wardrobe of black, black, and more black.

    1. Polka Dot Party Nails

    2. Random Chevrons

    3. The Half Moon

    4. Plain Punctuation

    5. The Simple Split

    6. Dual Dots

    7. The Basic Border

    8. The Black and White French

    9. The Dotted Ombre

    10. The Racing Stripe

    11. The Jailbird

    12. Roll The Dice

    13. Line Up

    14. Beautiful Bows

    15. Color Blocking

    16. Fractions

    17. Clean Chevrons

    18. Open O's

    19. The Simple Accent, AKA The Reverse Kendall Jenner

    20. Hot Cross Buns

    21. Elegant V

    22. Yin Yang Redux