19 Puppies Whose Best Friends Are Teddy Bears

Dogs might be man’s best friend but their other bff’s are so cute its unbear-able.

1. 1. Coordinating your look is so trendy.

2. 2. ..Especially if you need a doppelgänger to trade places with.

Good for puppies who are hiding from the law

3. 3. Sometimes you just need a little shoulder to lean on..

4. 4. Or, a slightly bigger shoulder.

5. 5. There’s no need to feel shy about having a teddy for a bestie

Seriously, all the cool kids are doing it

6. 6. No, really, it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

7. 7. If you’re really worried, you can hide the evidence

8. 8. Although you might want to find a better hiding spot than this

9. 9. But it would be more fun to show off your friend

10. 10. And take him out for holidays

11. 11. A best friend will always dress for the occasion

12. 12. A little friend makes even a bad day feel better

13. 13. And with a friend like this you just HAVE to be happy!

14. 14. It’s important to remember that Teddies are friends, not food

15. 15. When it comes to naptime you can’t beat a Teddy as a buddy

16. 16. Or a spare pillow..

18. 17. Or even a puppysitter, in a pinch

19. 18. When it’s time for bed don’t forget your Teddy

Or your rockin’ PJs

20. 19. Because Teddies make the best little spoon

21. Don’t worry though. If you don’t have a Teddy of your own, you can BE one instead!

23. Because every puppy deserves a BFF like this

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