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22 Things You’ll Understand If You’re Dating Someone With One Leg

Who wouldn't want to date someone who is part robot?

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2. But you'll just use that as an excuse to brag about your bae.


"I don't know if you've heard, but he learned to walk again in a matter of months." "Physio say he's the best walker in town." "He's a pretty big deal in the leg industry."

3. And anyway, weird questions can be fun when your S.O. has a great sense of humour.

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Little kid at the beach: How did you lose your leg?

Bae: A shark ate it.

Little kid: *gulps*

Bae: At this beach.

Little kid: *runs*


4. Footsie in bed is slightly different.

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There will be an all-out war, your feet fighting over their foot, inevitably ending in one foot feeling like a third wheel. Meanwhile, they will feel like a player, being the filling in your feet sandwich.


8. Your bae will use any excuse to show off their physical capabilities.


Trust me, their balance is on point.

11. But it's the films involving zombies and war that really catch your eye.


Me: *someone blows up* THAT GUY IS AN AMPUTEE EXTRA. *someone eats a leg* AND THAT GUY.

Bae: *eyeroll*


13. ...and the "amputee hierarchy".

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There are some discussions that lead with "if you have a real knee, you aren't a real amputee". (Or at least, your time as an amputee is marginally easier than someone with either a through or above knee.) Not to mention the boss of all leg amputees, the hip disarticulation.

14. Fancy dress will step up to a whole new level.

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You'll have discussed and created an extensive list of characters that they can dress up as, e.g. shark attack, a pirate, the Terminator.

And you'll probably have noticed that fictional amputees tend to be inherently evil; apparently that extra limb contains morals.


18. But actually they're more like this.


20. ...and phantom pain.

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It has nothing to do with a guy in a mask that sings all the time. Phantom pain is having an itchy foot that you can't scratch, but it's worse because that foot doesn't exist any more.

22. And at the end of the day, you both know having one leg is seriously badass.

Benjamin Bell

And I'm the lucky one that gets to experience life with my bae and "Fake James”. (Yes, the prosthetic leg does have a name.)