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    Just 27 Products That’ll Turn Your Home Into The Relaxing Haven Of Your Dreams

    Help transform your home into a calming oasis.

    1. An incense holder for those who find it relaxing to burn incense. This piece can hold more than one stick at a time, and even has a walnut base to catch the ash. Zero cleanup = very relaxing!

    a reviewer photo of the incense holder next to books

    2. A moon lamp because every peaceful space can benefit from that warm, soothing glow. Equipped with 128 colors, as well as flash and fade modes, this lamp also has a timer so you can use it however (and whenever) you like.

    Moon lamp next to vase with flowers

    3. A rainfall showerhead to make every shower a spa-like experience. This fixture provides consistent high pressure and can be installed in less than a minute. Yes, really!

    a reviewer photo of the shower head

    4. And a pack of shower steamers that offer instant stress relief. Each steamer has its own relaxing scent — just pop it on the shower floor (away from the flow of water) and wait for it to work its magic.

    a reviewer photo of the shower steamers in gift box

    5. A stone-and-sand canvas print triptych that's proof art can be soothing. Each canvas is ready to hang and won't fade or crack over time.

    Canvas hanging on sea foam green wall

    6. A beanbag chair so plush and comfortable that even horses love it. Suitable for humans as well, this '90s seating option is the perfect place to curl up with a book, take a nap, or simply unwind after a long day.

    7. A bath caddy for those who love to do just about anything in the tub. This baby has room for books, snacks, devices, and even a glass of wine. The width is adjustable, and there’s an anti-slip mat underneath, so it can work with almost any tub setup.

    A reviewer photo of the bath caddy holding multiple items over a bathtub

    8. A tree of life macrame wall hanging that exudes calming, serene vibes. Made from cotton rope, this macrame accent piece can be displayed virtually anywhere in your home.

    Dream catcher hanging on the wall next to home decor

    9. A two-piece set of bath rugs that’ll prevent you from tracking water all over your bathroom every time you get out of the shower or bath. This chenille find boasts a moisture-wicking surface that’s soft to the touch and has a nonslip back to keep it safely in place.

    a reviewer photo of the cream colored bathroom mat set

    10. An ornate crystal candle holder to decorate your coffee table, mantle, or dining room. This accent piece is shaped like a lotus flower and easily fits a tealight, votive, or pillar candle. To add even more life to your space, group several candle holders together.

    11. A fuzzy, faux-fur throw blanket in case you need to add some coziness to your space. Pop this wonderfully fluffy blanket over the back of your couch or at the foot of your bed, and snuggle up with it the next time you're watching TV or reading a book.

    Blanket draped on couch

    12. A mini Japanese-inspired zen garden kit that's the perfect tranquil accessory for your home office. When you feel stressed, simply roll a ball (or two) through the sand to create an intricate design.

    Zen garden on art table

    13. A dried flower bouquet because caring for the real deal can be stressful, and who needs more stress in their lives? These dried arrangements don't need to be watered, trimmed, or fed, but they still add a pop of color to your space.

    Five dried flower arrangements

    14. A star projector, because who doesn't want to transform their bedroom ceiling into a moving starry night sky? Use the included remote to pick the light effect of your choice and create the most relaxing atmosphere possible.

    Cat looking at star projector

    15. A pair of noise-canceling headphones so you can drown out any unwanted sounds while you’re doing chores, trying to relax, or working from home. The 22-hour battery life means these headphones are also great for listening to music or even taking important work calls.

    a reviewer wearing the black JBL headphones around their neck with a button-up shirt and a bag strap

    16. A rocking chair that's way more stylish than the rocking chairs of yore. Upholstered in a teddy bear-inspired fabric, this chair is comfy, cozy, and sturdy thanks to its solid wood and metal frame. You can rock all night in this guy!

    a reviewer photo of the white fuzzy rocking chair on carpet

    17. A bathtub pillow in case you need support for your neck and shoulders while you’re lounging among the bubbles. This spa-like pillow is made of machine-washable soft mesh for maximum comfort and has suction cups on the back that adhere to your bath to prevent slippage.

    a reviewer photo of the bath pillow in tub

    18. A scalp massager that'll have you in a relaxed state within minutes, if not sooner. If you love going to get your hair cut or blown out because of that scalp massage as your tresses are washed, this thing is for you.

    Man using massager

    19. A fairy garden kit that’ll surely delight any visitors (young or old!) in your yard. You can arrange and design this mini garden scene to your liking, though you will need to purchase a pot separately if that’s how you want to display it.

    20. A crystal lamp that'll help cleanse the energy in your space if you believe in that sort of thing. At the very least, just look at this selenite accent piece as a calming and unique alternative to a typical table lamp.

    a reviewer photo of the white crystal lamp

    21. A wineglass holder for your bath or shower. Need we say more? No, but for those of you who are curious, this lil' must-have has a grip that doesn't quit. In other words, your vino is safe here.

    Hand grabbing wine glass off holder hanging in the shower

    22. A foot spa because your feet deserve some R&R too! Sure, you can pay for a pedicure to pamper your hooves every so often, but owning one of these makes so much more sense. This gadget heats up the water to your desired temperature, has built-in massage rollers, and even boasts a pumice stone.

    Foot spa filled with water

    23. A plush, shaggy rug because rugs instantly soften a room and make spaces cozier. This particular rug is super soft and luxurious. It can also be vacuumed or cleaned in the washing machine, which means it’s very easy to care for.

    a reviewer photo of a dog sitting on the white rug

    24. A sound machine to make falling asleep at night easier than counting sheep. This puppy has everything you need to drift off to sleep peacefully, including 25 soothing sounds, a multicolored night-light with adjustable brightness, and five timer functions.

    a reviewer photo of the sound machine glowing teal

    25. A singing bowl because no relaxing home is complete without those peaceful, dulcet tones. Whether you're a meditation expert or just getting acquainted with the practice, this is a must-have.

    Hand holding singing bowl

    26. Speaking of meditation, a meditation cushion is another essential purchase since being comfortable while meditating is key. Each one is filled with memory foam and boasts a colorful pattern on the outside.

    Meditation pillows on patio

    27. A patio loveseat so you can relax and put your feet up while basking in the sun. Use this wicker piece to sip your morning coffee, enjoy an afternoon cocktail, or just catch some Zs.

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