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12 Good Enough Reasons To End Up In Australia

Backpack your ass over here!

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1. Triple J / Via

Triple J loves music, and if you love music you will love Triple J. Whenever I meet other non-australians in Oz at some point the conversation always hits the "how good is Triple J?!" topic. It always plays the best new music locally and abroad, and it's youthful vibe makes it feel like a college station gone national.

Whatever you do don't call it "THE Triple J". Your Aussie friends will call you out on it and they will make fun of you forever.

3. The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef has never been on my bucket list, but it's a big deal (Literally, it's a big deal. You can see that thing from outer space). While your staying at a hostel in Sydney, you will probably run into someone passing through on their way to Cairns to do a diving program. Pro Tip: Make friends with them, so you can crash on their couch when you do you GBR trip.

5. Wicked Bushwalking

Even if you never go bushwalking, how fun is it to call hiking bushwalking?! I was talking to one of my mates about camping in Tasmania, and she was describing it as mountainous and wooded... Naturally, I asked, "So, it's not bushy. Does one hike or bushwalk in Tasmania?"

It's still bushwalking.

7. Melbourne

Going to the races? Might as well check out Melbourne. When Australians compare it to Sydney they say it's more artsy, more European... or the more obvious--- it's colder. It's definitely worth the visit. Don't believe me? Read more in this other really informative BuzzFeed article:

9. Uluru/Ayers Rock

When I came to Australia and first saw the country side, I wrote home and described it as dramatic. If the landscape is dramatic Uluru is a big ham. It is an amazing natural wonder drenched in history and culture.

10. Coffee

Australians are really serious about their coffee (understatement of the year). I am one of the few and proud American tea drinkers and only thought about coffee during pumpkin spice latte season. When I came to Oz everything changed. I never knew coffee could taste like this! I have been converted, and I don't know if I can ever go back to the States.

11. Australians

If you are traveling in Australia you need to find Aussie mates. Don't just rent a bed in a kings cross hostel and party with other travelers the whole time... although I highly recommend doing just that at least once. First, if you don't see the country through an Australian's eyes you really aren't getting the full picture. Second, Australians are notorious travelers (try spending a week in Aspen without spotting one). If you are traveling in Oz most are excited to be your tour guide or will want to tell you about their own travel adventures. Plus, they generally tend to be just really cool people to hang out with.

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