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10 Women That Straight Girls Love To "Girl Crush" On

"I hate it when people say ‘girl crush.’ No one’s going to think you’re lesbian, if you just say ‘crush.’" — Mindy Kaling (one of my personal crushes)

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1. Emma Stone (aka Olive)

Why do we love her? She's America's sweetheart.

Easy A is probably the best teen movie since Sixteen Candles, and Emma Stone is our very own Molly Ringwald with a twist. Yes, I know she makes grown up movies now, but we all fell in love with the funny girl with the video blog.

2. Beyonce

Why do we love her? She's a Survivor.

Lets face it we weren't ready for that jelly, and every time her Pepsi commercial comes on we are reminded that we still aren't. Beyonce has been a sex icon since Destiny's Child and all the single ladies gots a crush.

3. Christina Hendricks (aka Joan Holloway Harris)

Why do we love her? We want to be her.

Cristina Hendricks character, Joan in Madmen, is a depiction of a woman who gains power through her sexuality. She embodies the same trope historical hottie Cleopatra made classic.

Christina Hendricks herself is a very attractive woman. Women everywhere fawn over her body and her own respect for her unique shape. Confidence is always a turn on.

4. Tina Fey

Why do we love her? The Oedipus Complex.

Every young feminist loves Tina Fey. When I lived in the "feminist house" in college every viewing of 30 Rock would end with someone saying "I love Tina Fey". Everyone would then join in by explaining why they wanted to marry her.

Tina, who I am on a first name basis with after reading Bossypants, is the mother we always wanted... who understands us. She is a strong sexy lady with a lot of's hot.

5. Naya Rivera (aka Santana Lopez)

Why do we love her? She's a diva.

Gleeks everywhere loved to hate Naya Rivera's character Santana for the first season, but as time passed everyone learned to love the saucy Latina from Lima Heights.

Every time we see her M&Ms commercial we are reminded of how hot she is snuggling up to candy, but its not just her look that makes her sexy. Women fall for Naya because she has a soulful voice. Her smooth alto makes me swoon every time.

6. Scarlett Johansson

Why do we love her? We are narcissists.

I would say we watched ScarJo grow up, but must of us grew up with her (we forget she is only 28). She is the quintessential girl next door if you live next door to a super hot 32-DD blond. She is the kind of girl we thought we were and the kind of woman we think we will be.

7. Adriana Lima

Why do we love her? She's too sexy for her shirt.

In college my roommate and I went through a phase of cutting out VS models and pasting them all over our bathroom. Adriana watched me pee a lot in college (among other things).

Adriana has an unattainable kind of sexy that women everywhere wish they had. Because we can't be as sexy as her we just fawn over her.

8. Meagan Good

Why do we love her? She has a soft side.

We all wanted to be Meagan Good in Stomp The Yard... seriously, everything about that movie was hot. Meagan was the sweet girl everybody wanted to see end up with the good guy in the end. We still see her that way. We are drawn in by her sexy eyes, but we stay for her cute smile.

9. Jennifer Lawrence

Why do we love her? She is always herself.

At first Jennifer Lawrence was just the BAMF who played Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games. Now that we have gotten to know her we have realized she is one of the coolest women ever. Her sexy comes from being who she is and never having to say she's sorry for that.

10. Kate Upton

Why do we love her? See that gif? Need I say more?

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that everyone crushes on Kate Upton. She's beautiful, her body is banging, she has that flirty personality... nuf said.

Did I miss your "girl Crush"? Add her in the comments!

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