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10 Factual Reasons Why Cats Rule

Cats already rule the internet universe, but If you're still in doubt about the feline's ultimate supremacy here are 10 real reasons why cats rule the physical universe, too.

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1. Cats Have Royal Heritage

Royalty is all about bloodlines, and back in ancient Egypt cats were considered sacred. Cats were respected to the point that by law a human would be sentenced to death for killing a cat, even accidentally.

2. Cats Save Lives On Ships

The tradition of having a Ship's Cat has been around for centuries. Cat's were brought aboard vessels mostly to kill mice and rats, who would eat supplies, damage ropes and were a big source of disease. But I'm sure a nice fuzzy tummy smush did a lot for sailors' morale too.

3. Cats Inspire Art

Especially poems: In the 9th century an Irish monk wrote a famous poem about a cat titled "Pangur Ban." Later kitty themed works include Christopher Smart's “For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffry” and T.S. Eliot's "Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats," which later inspired the epically long running musical CATS, which we all know will live on with the cockroaches long after we all die in nuclear holocaust.

4. Cats And Goddesses are BFFs

That's right, goddesses were the first cat ladies: The Greek goddess Hecate shape-shifted into a cat to escape a monster and afterward offered them special protection. The Welsh goddess of wisdom, Ceridwen, was attended by white cats who carried out her orders on earth. And the Celtic Goddess Freya had a chariot pulled by cats, although it must be a myth that a cat did any sort of hard labour.

5. Real Royals Love Cats

From the Romanovs to Princess Antoinette of Monaco to princess Michael of Kent (pictured), royals all over the world have owned cats. Although I'm sure if you asked the cats they would tell you that they owned the royals.

6. Cats Stop Crime

Mike the cat worked as a guard at the gates of the British Museum in 1909, Russia had a police sniffer cat in 2002, and in 2006 in this guy Fred worked with Brooklyn law enforcement to perform an undercover sting operation on an unlicensed vet. So, McGruff, who really takes a bite out of crime?

7. Cats Have Been Considered Royal Worldwide

When siamese cats were first brought to Europe they were called "the Royal Cats of Siam" because it was rumored that they had previously only been kept by Siamese Royalty. Although the rumor was untrue, if people think you're royalty aren't you really half way there already?

8. Cats Can Be Therapeutic

We've all heard that it's therapeutic to pet a cat, but some felines take it to a whole new level: Chase the faceless cat was left disfigured after being hit by a car as a kitten, and now she works as a touring "therapy cat" helping humans come to terms with their own disabilities. Because how can you feel bad about yourself when you look at that cute little fa... thing.

9. Cats rule the Jungle, and the sky

We all know that lions are "kings of the jungle" (yes, even though they live in the savannah, smarty pants). But Lions also rule stars. The constellation Leo has ties to Babylonian astronomy where the star Regulus, called King Star, was also known as "the star that stands at the lions breast." So even since the beginning of naming stuff, when people thought 'Royal' they also thought 'Cat'.

10. There is a cat with eyebrows

Sure it doesn't seem like much, but just when you think of something cat's can't do, they prove you wrong. That sort of adaptability is what true rulers are made of. And also, just look at that face!!

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