14 Animals That Are So Over Office Life

You’re probably at an office right now, sitting at your desk and being just so “over it.” Well you’re not alone- these furry white-collared workers are fed up, too.

1. This Hedgie-fund Manager

“Excel has a bug again? Great, I’ll just re-do this spreadsheet 12 more times.”

2. This Purrrsonal Assistant

“So you’re saying these aren’t the right kind of pens either? No, sure, I don’t mind spending 5 more hours finding the right pens..”

3. This RecepBunist

“So glad I got up at 7am to get here early and do nothing because everyone else is late.”

4. This Boss Dog

“Oh you’re going to be 2 hours late with that paperwork? No, that’s fine, my time’s not worth anything.”

5. These Conferencing Kittens

“The client is going to be an hour late? So, we’ll just sit here on our tails and wait I guess?”

6. This Tax Pupparer

“So you want to file 4 years of back taxes with no W2s or receipts? Sure…that’s no problem..”

7. This Dogtor’s Office Receptionist

“No you have to fill out all of the forms, sir…No, ALL of the forms…yes, that one too…(sigh)”

8. This Freelance News Cat-ributor

“Oh sure, it’s fine you’re not going to run the story…I only spent 2 weeks on it…”

9. This Chihuahu-Accountant

“Um, your budget line items don’t add up? Would you mind resubmitting all of your receipts so I can waste 3 hours finding the problem? Thanks.”

10. This Office Supurrrrvisor

“I get it guys, you want me to order nicer supplies…I appreciate your subtlety…jerks..”

11. This Kanga-writer

“So you like all of my copy, you just want me to re-write all of it. Yeah. that makes sense.”

12. This Exec-Cat-ive Finance Officer

“Oh we’re only 2 million over budget?..sure I’ll handle that….do you have any aspirin?”

13. This Creative Dog-rector

“So the client hates the campaign, and thinks we spent too much money in media buys?…Maybe I’ll call them back after lunch..”

14. This Office Manage-Hare

“Don’t crash! Don’t crash!…oh god no, it crashed.”

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