13 Ways To Tell If You Have A BFFFFFF For L

Ever wonder how you get suckered into being someone best friend for like, ever? as in FFFFFFF for L? Here’s 13 reasons they might be sticking around for the long hall.

1. 1. They can do your job(drunker than you).

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Need to replace yourself at work? Ask that bartender that let you carry around their tray so you could get free shots. They’ve got this, but could you hand them a beer first?

2. 2.They think there might be something wrong with you, but they’re ok with it.

They’re are constantly calling you dumb, weird or telling you to shut up. But behind that death stare, they secretly adore you. (and your “dumb” jokes)

3. 3. You learn a new dance together.

Nothing solidifies a friendship more than a choreographed dance, or a muddled together cat daddy. seat belt, seat belt, wheel chair!!

4. 4. They don’t judge you.

Because if they did, you’d get to judge them. And that terrifies them.

5. 5. They’ll help you with anything, even your 17 loads of laundry.

Or atleast be there for moral support.

6. 6.Cheesy pick up lines capture your friendship.

While everyone else gags, you both giggle, because, well, you get it. And it gets you.

7. 7. Stories, stories, stories. Except the only ones you can share them with,are eachother.

Like that time on the scooter…yea we can’t talk about it. hehehehahahahahhohoho.

8. 8. You wonder what the other one is doing without you.

If they don’t text back right away, it must be the worst case scenario.

9. 9. You’ve imagined what your children would look like.

And thank god you can’t procreate.

10. 10. People accept you as a package deal.

You don’t even ask if the other is allowed to tag along, it is assumed.

11. 11. You love all the same cat things.

And share them with eachother. ALL. THE. TIME. Its seriously so annoying. but not to eachother. adorbz!

12. 12. You never fight over a guy.

Ever. You’d totally share. Like the mormons do, you’ve even got it all panned out. seriously, we do.

13. 13. You decorate and craft together.

Because friends that craft together, stay together.

14. Inspired by my BFFFFFF for L, Jessica.

The bestest friend i haven’t been able to get rid of! I just love you so muchzies!!! (insert gag here)

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