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    14 Reasons You Wish You Were The Duchess Of Cambridge

    If only we could all be like her.

    1. She's married to Prince William.

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    As if that's not reason enough to wish you were her!

    2. She's a commoner who became royalty.

    Kate & William Fan / Via

    Once upon a time she was just like us.

    3. She goes on private tours of awesome places.

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    4. She knows how to make Queen Elizabeth laugh.

    Katemiddletons / Via

    Who wouldn't want to make the Queen laugh?

    5. Her engagement ring was Princess Diana's.

    Middleton Royalty / Via

    A token to always remember the "People's Princess".

    6. She can pull off "royal side eye".

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    *Insert royal side eye here*

    7. She's mastered the royal wave.

    Katemiddletons / Via

    If only we could all royal wave.

    8. Her hair is always picture perfect.

    Stylecaster / Via

    *Cue the perfect hair flip*

    9. She's the mother of Prince George...

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    ...and Princess Charlotte!

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    Could their family be any cuter?!

    10. She reminds you that she too has had to get used to life in the spotlight.

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    *Amazed at how many people showed up for their wedding*

    11. She gives back to the community.

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    The Duchess of Cambridge patronizes over 10 organizations.

    12. She's not afraid to show her competitive side.

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    *One point for the Duchess of Cambridge*

    13. She gets to travel all over the world.

    Popsugar / Via

    In Tuvalu, she learned to dance.

    14. She fights social stigmas.

    Cambridgeroyals / Via

    She gives a voice to those who don't have one.

    We could go on and on about all of the reasons we wish were her!

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    But we'll spare you the saga and end it right here.

    Let's just say we just really wish we were her.

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