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    12 Gifts For The "Breakfast At Tiffany's" Fan In Your Life

    "Darling, please stop. You're making me blush"

    1. This mug that shares Holly Golightly's wise words:

    TheScribbleStudio / Via

    $12.95, Buy it here.

    2. This simple T-shirt with Audrey's famous pose:

    ChicLittleThrills / Via

    $16.99, Buy it here.

    3. A handmade version of Holly Golightly's sleeping mask:

    SewingAffair / Via

    $17.50, Buy it here.

    4. A copy of the movie poster:

    FalstaffTrading / Via

    $12.50+, Buy it here.

    5. These nail decals:

    Nailiciousuk / Via

    $1.54, Buy it here.

    6. A postcard to send to a family member or a friend:

    FalstaffTrading / Via

    7. This pendant necklace:

    NickyandNorris / Via

    $14.95, Buy it here.

    8. A handmade version of Holly Golightly's ear plugs:

    IamAnAudrey / Via

    $9.60+, Buy it here.

    9. These Paul & Holly Prints:

    sealhouette / Via

    10. A vinyl decal for the wall:

    cutnpasteshop / Via

    11. A Breakast At Tiffany's - inspired iPhone 5/5s phone case:

    AThingCreated / Via

    12. This "Moon River" Print

    AllieSeidel / Via

    Holly Golightly approves!