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12 Gifs Of Prince George To Get You Excited About The New Royal Baby

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

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1. Waving during his introduction to the world.

Popsugar / Via

"Hello peasants."

2. Getting passed from Mom to Dad.

Giphy / Via

"Don't worry mom and dad, you'll get the hang of this."

3. Patiently waiting for his christening.

Popsugar / Via

"You better change my diaper later."

4. Coming off of the plane with Mom and Dad.

Popsugar / Via

"Finally some fresh air!"

5. Keeping busy while his mother spoke to other parents.

Luke Williams Gossip / Via

"I'll just bite my toy"

6. Feeling his little ear.

Luke Williams Gossip / Via

"Don't worry, I can still hear you."

7. Tossing a toy that wasn't interesting enough.

8. Greeting adults with his mother.

Tumblr / Via

"Yes, mom."

9. Looking at the animals. / Via

"He's almost as big as me!"

10. Showing off his angry face.

11. Saying hi to all of the photographers waiting to meet the new princess. / Via

"I'm off to meet my sister!"

12. Receiving kisses from his father. / Via

"I love you too, Dad."

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