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18 Things About "Love, Victor" That'll Make You Want To Binge It If You Haven't Already

Can I say just because it's amazing?

Love, Victor season two will be landing our screens this week (in the US) and next week (in the UK and Ireland), so now is the perfect time to catch up! If you haven't seen the show yet, here are 18 reasons why you should watch it!


🚨 This post contains some spoilers for season one of Love, Victor and Love, Simon.🚨

1. First things first, it's a spin-off of the 2018 film Love, Simon.

20th Century Fox/Hulu

Love, Victor is set in the same universe as the hit movie from three years ago. Victor and his sister Pilar attend Creekwood High School, and Simon Spier is famous there for the events in the film (mainly the whole ferris wheel thing). Victor even writes to Simon throughout the series just like Simon used Blue as a confidante in the movie, and there are some fun Easter Eggs throughout!

2. Nick Robinson, who played Simon in the film, is a producer on the show and even makes a cameo with his Love, Simon co-star Keiynan Lonsdale!


After Victor gets in contact with Simon in episode one, the pair continue DM'ing throughout the series, with Nick providing off-screen narration of Simon's messages. In episode eight, Victor takes a trip to New York City where he meets Simon face-to-face and spends time with him, his friends, and his boyfriend, Bram.

3. There's more ferris wheel action.

20th Century Fox/Hulu

So if you loved the scene where Simon waits for Blue AKA Bram on the ferris wheel in Love, Simon, you're in luck!

4. The cute guys!


Michael Cimino, Anthony Turpel, Mason Gooding, and George Sear star as Victor, Felix, Andrew, and Benji respectively. Every episode is packed with hot guy content, and if that's not a reason to watch something I don't know what is.

5. Victor isn't a stereotypical queer kid at school.


At the start of the series, Victor and his family have only just moved from Texas to Atlanta, Georgia. He quickly becomes popular at Creekwood where joins the basketball team and excels. Generally, he is portrayed as upbeat and charismatic, and he has a good relationship with his parents and siblings.

Like Simon in the movie, Victor feels three-dimensional – his characterisation doesn't rely on camp gay clichés, and his development throughout the series isn't melodramatic or solely focused on his "adverse" situation, as in many LGBTQ-themed TV shows and movies.

6. The focus on Victor's questioning of his sexuality is really interesting.


I guess we have seen teens questioning their sexuality on screen before, but Love, Victor definitely stands out. The show portrays this particular sexual identity super well – Victor isn't in a rush to decide anything per se, and he's not constantly in crisis mode; he still finds time to enjoy other aspects of his life.

Even though Victor thinks he might be interested in a boy from school named Benji, he isn't sure. He later dates a girl named Mia and they develop a really nice and supportive relationship. It's refreshing to see a character questioning his sexual preference, but still having the room to explore and experiment. Though Victor is confused at times, he's allowed to form bonds with people that are healthy and based on mutual respect and admiration.

7. The show not only has queer representation, but Latinx representation too!


Love, Victor joins a long and illustrious list of TV Shows with characters that are both queer AND Latinx, including hit series like Vida, One Day at a Time, Sense8, Glee, Pose, Ugly Betty, Broad City, and Orange Is the New Black.

8. The series portrays Victor's Latinx heritage in a subtle yet positive way.


I'm not Latinx, but what I really enjoy about this series is the way in which we are reminded that Victor and the entire Salazar family are of Puerto Rican and Colombian-American descent. Victor is very close with his family, and we see him interact with his roots in a variety of ways, from speaking Spanish to enjoying traditional Latinx foods (I need a tres leches cake pronto!)

Just like in recent Netflix series Never Have I Ever, we get to know our main character against a backdrop of their ethnicity and culture, and it's so amazing!

9. Victor's mum is played by the one and only Ana Ortiz.


Ugly Betty and Devious Maids alumna Ana stars as Isabel Salazar, Victor's mum. Maybe it's just me freaking out about this, but knowing that Ana has now played a mother of a gay son twice (she was also Justin's mum in Ugly Betty) just gives me life!

10. Natasha Rothwell returns as Ms Albright.

20th Century Fox

Actor and comedian Natasha played Creekwood's drama teacher Ms Albright in the movie, but this time she's had a promotion and is acting vice principal! Fans of Love, Simon will remember Ms Albright for directing the school's musical and for calling out Simon's bullies in the cafeteria. Ms Albright takes over from Tony Hale's character Mr Worth, who does not appear.

11. Ali Wong is also one of the high school's teachers.


The stand-up comedian and star of Always Be My Maybe appears in a couple of episodes as Ms Thomas, Creekwood's sex education teacher. She really comes alive in episode eight when she oversees a Saturday detention – it's hilarious!

12. The show calls out anti-gay attitudes, and doesn't gloss over the sometimes difficult reality of being queer.


There are a couple of instances in which Victor comes up against anti-gay comments/abuse in the show. One example is when Victor is told by his dad and his grandparents that his gay friends aren't welcome in his home. Love, Victor allows these scenarios to arise, and gives Victor the space to deal with them. Over the course of the series, Victor learns to stand up for himself and his friends, and to call out anti-gay sentiment.

13. If you're a queer person, your heart will jump every time something good happens!


At least mine did! There's something about this series that is really special. Perhaps it's because the viewer gets to go on a journey with Victor as he figures out who he is. The show blends the bad stuff about coming out with the good stuff so effortlessly, and every time Victor experiences a breakthrough, I'm sure you'll be just moved as I was!

14. There's a fabulous will-they-won't-they energy between Victor and Benji.


Even though Victor dates Mia, he still lowkey fancies Benji. Benji is openly gay and there is definitely chemistry between them, but Victor isn't sure if he likes guys, girls, a combination of both, or maybe even neither! When Benji hires Victor as a barista in the café he works at, the pair have the perfect excuse to bond. But to see if this leads anywhere, you'll have to watch the series!

15. A certain Drag Race superstar makes a cameo!


Fan-favourite Katya Zamolodchikova appears in a bar scene in episode eight! She's hosting a club night in one of New York's hottest gay bars. It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance, but it's fabulous nonetheless.

16. It has a super high score on Rotten Tomatoes!

Rotten Tomatoes

I mean, check out those stats.

17. The ensemble cast of characters is amazing!


Even though this series prioritises the story of a gay teenager navigating high school – a rarity for a TV show, I might add – there are several other characters whose individual struggles are central to the storyline of Love, Victor.

Pilar is mad about leaving behind her friends in Texas; Mia struggles with her identity in wake of her mother's disappearance; Victor's endearing friend Felix is figuring out how to live with a parent who has bipolar disorder, and Lake – the resident Creekwood gossip – buries her self-esteem issues beneath her social media-obsessed persona. Each character is seriously likeable and their stories are all as interesting as the main plotline.

18. There's a new season on the way, so now is the perfect time to start watching!


Even though season one of Love, Victor has been out on Hulu for over a year in the US, it was only just added to Star in the UK this year! All ten episodes are available to stream now, and season two will be added to the platform weekly from 18th June. In the US, you can watch season two of Love, Victor from 11th June on Hulu.

Love, Victor is currently available to stream on STAR (Disney+) in the UK and on Hulu in the US.


Episodes of the second season will be added weekly, starting on 11th June on Hulu and 18th June on Star.

Let us know if you're excited to watch the series in the comments!

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