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    For Those Who Are Confused After Seeing An American Woman Make British Tea On Tiktok, Here's How It's Actually Done

    This is the real tea when it comes to British tea.

    TikTok user jchelle28 is back at it again making tea in bizarre and frankly terrible ways for the good people of TikTok. But this time, she went TOO FAR. This time she said – this is how to make British tea.


    Americans making hot tea 🍵 #americanintheuk @mleemaster10

    ♬ original sound - jchelle36

    British tea???

    @jchelle36 / Via


    @jchelle36 / Via

    It's a cup of milk!!

    No shade to jchelle28, because ultimately she can make her tea however she wants to, but that is NOT how we Brits do it! Not in the slightest.

    ITV / Via Tumblr

    Firstly, the microwave step is all sorts of wrong.

    @jchelle36 / Via

    Then the sheer amount of milk is just... wtf.

    @jchelle36 / Via

    And then the way her daughter just plops that teabag in like it's really gonna do ANYTHING!?

    @jchelle36 / Via

    My British sensibilities are broken on the floor right now.

    BBC / Via

    For anyone wondering – THIS is the real tea when it comes to British tea.


    The real tea on British tea ☕️ #buzzfeed #howto #britishtea #teachallenge (excuse my gross place I’ve given up on cleaning).

    ♬ original sound - samcleal

    1. Boil your kettle.

    2. Put your teabag in the mug.

    3. Pour boiling water in to near the top.

    4. Let it sit and brew for 2 minutes, or longer if you like a strong tea.

    5. Strain/squeeze the teabag before removing.

    6. Add milk (and stir in sugar if you prefer).

    It's really simple and it's the ONLY way a British person will find your tea acceptable.

    BBC / Via Giphy

    The exception to the rule is that when using a teapot, which you would fill with boiling water and perhaps two or three teabags beforehand, you add the milk to your cup first and then pour the tea in.

    That's all! I hope found this educational. Cheerio!

    Fox / Via Tumblr