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    LeBron James Reveals New Details About "Space Jam: A New Legacy" In New Movie Teaser

    "Being able to reintroduce it to kids today... I feel like it was a match made in heaven."

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that Warner Bros. have been busy making all of our dreams come true by reviving the utter classic that is Space Jam.

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    Every '00s kid will know that the first Space Jam had basketball legend Michael Jordan facing off in an intergalactic basketball match, with the help of Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes gang. It was a true cultural reset. 

    Space Jam: A New Legacy is a fresh new take (standalone story) on the 1996 film starring none other than Basketball superstar LeBron James, who also produced the movie!

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    In a similar vein to Space Jam, LeBron plays himself and must compete in a high stakes basketball game against an evil computer algorithm played by Don Cheadle. Zendaya and Sonequa Martin-Green also star, and we can expect a few exciting twists on unique original format!

    Well, we can now reveal in a global exclusive to BuzzFeed, why LeBron decided to join the Space Jam world – it's all here in a brand new movie teaser!

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    LeBron shares that he too watched the film at a young age!

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    "I was exciting from the very beginning", LeBron shares in the teaser. "Me being able to reintroduce it to kids today and show them how unbelievable Looney Tunes are, and how great our sport of basketball is – I feel like it was a match made in heaven."

    The role he plays is similar to Michael Jordan's role, but with some key differences.

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    For one, LeBron gets turned into a cartoon himself when he first enters Tune World!

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    Who else desperately wanted Michael to turn into a tune back in '96? I feel so happy right now!

    LeBron found it surprisingly easy to play a movie version of himself.

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    "What worked so well with the character is I was able to implement a lot of the things that I actually do when the cameras are not on."

    Speaking about the filming process, LeBron described it as "challenging" but ultimately very "humbling".

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    "It's so challenging when you're doing a scene and you gotta visualise the tunes actually being there! For me being able to produce a movie like this, but also be able to star in a movie like this, it's very humbling."

    I know I personally can't wait to revisit the world of Space Jam, but can you???? Let us know in the comments!

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    Space Jam: A New Legacy is coming to UK Cinemas July 16. The film is also releasing in US theatres and streaming exclusively on HBO Max July 16.

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