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    14 Characters That Should've Been Together, But Weren't

    If you know, you know.

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    1. Sam and Frodo in The Lord Of The Rings

    New Line Cinema

    Let’s face it, we all thought these two hobbits were in it for more than just Sauron’s ring. I for one legit thought and hoped they would kiss SEVERAL times throughout the movies. Alas, Sam goes back to marry a girl from home, but we all know he'll never love her like he did Frodo!!

    2. Mrs Incredible and Evelyn in The Incredibles 2

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Look, we know that Elastigirl is Mr. Incredible’s loyal wife (despite the fact that he’s a bit of a douche), but the chemistry between her and Evelyn was undeniable. Evelyn was serving Angelina Jolie hotness and you know that Mrs. Incredible wasn’t thinking about boring old Bob when they were working together. So, Evelyn kinda ruined things by being the bad guy, but the fact that when you image search these two there’s as much fan art as actual scenes from the movie, says a lot.

    3. Nicholas and Danny in Hot Fuzz

    Universal Pictures/Rogue Pictures

    Between buying Danny flowers, winning him a plushie at a fête, falling asleep with him on the couch, and ultimately turning down his dream job in London to stay in Sandford, you can see why some of us thought that Nicholas and Danny wanted to be more than just friends.

    4. Debbie Ocean and Lou Miller in Ocean's 8

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    To some, Ocean’s 8 is simply just a heist movie, but intellectuals know that it’s got some stronggg queer energy, and not just because of the scene where Sandra Bullock FEEDS Cate Blanchett (but that was a contributing factor). From the moment Debbie reunited with her “partner,” the sexual tension between these two radiated off the screen. There was no kissing, but that eye contact said it all – those gazes were a little too lingering to just be platonic Can’t you just picture Debbie joining Lou on their cross-country road trip?

    5. Stiles and Derek in Teen Wolf


    While this show had its fair share of gay action, it wasn't enough for the fans who shipped Sterek and wanted to see this OTP come together on screen. And I get it! They had a really sweet friendship, and every time Stiles' cheeky charm clashed with Derek's stoic manliness, the resulting sexual tension was off the charts!

    6. Carol Danvers and Maria in Captain Marvel

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    They might just be “gal pals” on paper but, like, who platonically raises a child with their best friend?! Maria was one of the few things that Carol remembered, and don’t forget the fact that Maria kept all of Carol’s things in a ~sentimental~ box. You can “gal pal” it all you want, but that’s love. Marvel needs to just come out with the statement that these two are a couple, because, hellooo.

    7. Billy and Steve in Stranger Things


    There's some serious tension (read: homosocial desire) between these two macho-wacho boys. When they're not knocking seven bells out of each other, there's a definite electricity to their interactions, especially every time one or both them is shirtless – then it's a free-for-all of aggressive touching!

    8. Regina Mills and Emma Swan in Once Upon A Time


    Anyone who stuck with this series knows that Once Upon A Time is packed full of random twists and turns. Despite the fact that you had no idea what direction the plot would take, the chemistry between Emma and Regina remained constant. We all know that there’s a fine line between love and hate, and where that line ends, these two met. Remember when Emma sacrificed her life for Regina? That’s love love, and you can’t deny that. Also, Swan Queen is a great couple name, so they deserved to be together for that alone, tbh.

    9. Kristoff and Ryder in Frozen II

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Who else got a vibe from these two? When the gang landed in the Enchanted Forest, Anna and Kristoff were already having some issues – enter handsome young Northuldra dude Ryder who "knows nothing about girls", if you catch his drift. If it were another movie, I fully believe they could've run off together!

    10. Rohan and Abhimanyu in Student Of The Year

    AA Films/Eros Entertainment

    While this teen Bollywood blockbuster might centre around two men fighting over a woman, there is a definite chemistry between the two male leads. I'm talking lots of very suggestive stares, as well as some super-charged touching, and play-flighting! They even joke about making out with each other. It's not super progressive, but hey, it's definitely hot.

    11. Jess and Jules – Bend It Like Beckham

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    This one goes without saying. Okay so, we all know that playing football and wearing trackies does not a queer couple make, but these two had chemistry. Bend It Like Beckham isn’t just a coming of age tale, it’s a story about first loves. If you’ve seen it before, you’ll know all about the underlying romantic tension that follows Jess and Jules, and if you watch it for the first time, you’ll spend the whole movie waiting for them to kiss (spoiler: they don’t). ‘What about Joe?’ I hear you ask. Well, I’m almost certain that Joe was only included to distract us from the fact that Jess and Jules were madly in love. Even Keira Knightly herself said that Jess and Jules should’ve ended up together, so you can’t really argue with that.

    12. Steve and Bucky in Captain America et al

    Jay Maidment/Paramount Pictures

    For anyone who's watched a single one of these movies, you know that these two have a super strong friendship that is lowkey hella gay. Even though this romance isn't canon, the bro vibes between them belie a much more significant and self-sacrificial relationship; one that has wayyyy more to it than damn Steve and Sharon! So come on, kiss already!

    13. Xena and Gabrielle – Xena: Warrior Princess


    This one is an oldie, but if you know, you know. Gabrielle was Xena’s trusty sidekick, but it was obvious she was so much more. Their chemistry had nothing on Ares, who was quite clearly just a sidepiece who just got in the way. These two were the ultimate ‘90s power couple that never was. Who’s up for a modern-day reboot where these two actually get it on?

    14. Honourable mention: Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy in The Cursed Child

    Manuel Harlan via

    Okay, I know this is a play, but for those who saw it, didn't you feel like these two could've been a couple? I mean, they were so devoted to one another and yet cruelly divided by the legacy of their parents – the set up was all there! One of the many ways this play could've been improved would be having them crush on each other. I'm sure J.K. will confirm it some time after the show closes.

    Who are your favourite couples that never were? Let us know in the comments!

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