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We Tried Nando's New 2021 Sides And Salads And Here Is Our Gut Reaction

Superfood + Nando's = super YUM!

Listen up Nando's lovers!! The epic chicken chain have added a bunch of NEW things to their menu and needless to say, we are so STOKED.

As two people who eat Nando's literally every week, we of course had to try out these new menu items immediately. Here are our thoughts...

Quinoa & Feta Salad

Rainbow Bowl

Rainbow Slaw

Spiced Grains & Butternut Squash

And finally, the new Garlic BBQ Spice!

Here we are trying the stuff IRL!


@muinatabdul & @samcleal gave Nando’s new menu a try 👀🌶 #fyp #nandos #periperi #bbq #eatingout #healthy

♬ EL NOPAL - Goliath Flores

All of the menus items tested are now available in Nando's nationwide.