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    13 Male Celebs Whose Ripped Bodies Were A Complete And Utter Shock

    These men have NO RIGHT! 😭

    This week, hilarious actor Kumail Nanjiani suprised us all when he unveiled his transformation on Instagram from perfectly attractive man with an average body type, to super-hench Marvel dude serving deep muscle realness!

    Everyone was shook because, let's face it, Kumail has NO business being this ripped. I like to call it the Ned Flanders effect.

    Kumail's transformation got me and other Twitter users wondering: Are there any other male celebs who are secretly jacked, and if so, who are these lowkey muscle men?

    1. I raise you William Jackson Harper, here shopping for protein.

    2. And Steve Carrell who's about to bench press Angela.

    3. Hank Azaria who's about to bench press that boat!

    4. Christopher Gorham looking more shredded than a Banksy painting.

    5. Alfonso Ribeiro with biceps for daaaaaays.

    6. Josh Dela Cruz, who's been lifting more than paintbrushes.

    7. Beck Bennett serving Gladiator realness.

    8. Will Arnett, who's bust out of yet another T-shirt.

    9. John Krasinski bout to tear a lead pipe in half.

    10. Conan O'Brien looking more built than a brick house.

    11. David Schwimmer – or should I say SWIMMER!

    12. Jonathan Lipnicki, who's gone from Stuart Little to Stuart Hench.

    13. And Ben Stiller, who's dreaming if he thinks he can hide all that behind a plant.

    Have I missed anyone? Give them a shoutout in the comments.