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25 Unforgettable "Fresh Prince" Moments That Solidified The Series As Iconic

Will's life definitely got flipped turned upside down, and so did everyone else's.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was one of few shows that beautifully mastered serious topics and serious comedy in a way that didn't feel cheesy or inauthentic, while also sharing Black experiences with a mainstream audience.

It showcased a family of unique personalities that was largely successful but still came across as sympathetic and relatable. It launched careers, broke records, and for so many of us, it was a staple of our childhoods.

1. The pilot comes in hot with this perfect moment to set the scene for Will and Ashley's tight bond.

2. Will and Uncle Phil's first showdown also proves the show is going to be about more than just laughs.

Uncle Phil and Will arguing about authenticity and Will telling Phil he got soft and forgot where he came from
Uncle Phil telling Will he endured bigotry and heard Malcolm X speak and he knows where he comes from

3. Will and Carlton get pulled over and accused of stealing a car by police, and Uncle Phil has to let everyone know about themselves.

Uncle Phil threatens to bury the police in litigation

4. Will helps Ashley deal with a bully.

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NBC Productions, Comedy Central UK / Via

Ashley thinks she needs to know how to fight, but Will takes a different approach to try to keep her from actually coming to blows.

5. Will gets stuck in the basement with his date, played by the iconic Tisha Campbell.

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NBC Productions, Comedy Central UK / Via

Will freaks out when he pulls out his date's hairpiece, so she gives him a taste of a natural woman that he was not prepared for.

6. When Aunt Viv showed the girls HOW IT'S DONE in that dance studio.

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NBC Productions , Comedy Central UK / Via

When Aunt Viv is dismissed as too old and out of touch to get the routine down, she shuts the whole STUDIO down with her mastery. She looks amazing doing it and reminds everyone she is a force regardless of her age, occupation, or role as a mother.

7. When Hilary, Janice, Vivian, and Helen are talking about Janice's possible pregnancy and Hilary is a sex-positive queen.

Hilary explaining how a home pregnancy test works to her aunt


Hilary's aunts and mom looking at her and connecting the dots and her replying "oh grow up"

9. When Carlton first hits his dance to "It's Not Unusual."

10. Geoffery wins the lottery.

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NBC Productions , Comedy Central UK / Via

Will and Carlton trick Geoffrey into thinking he won the lottery, not knowing how far he'd take it.

11. Carlton accidentally does speed he found in Will's locker and he has to come clean.

Will explaining to Uncle Phil that the pills Carlton took were his
Will apologizes profusely and Phil tells him Carlton could have died because of him
Will apologizing heartfully

12. When Will needs to perform with a bunch of little kids to pass his music class and graduate.

13. Carlton loses his virginity.

Carlton's date pulls him into her hotel room

14. When Will and Carlton try to rush a Black fraternity and Carlton is turned away.

Carlton trying to understand why they won't let him into the fraternity and the head saying it's because he's a sellout
Carlton shutting the pledge leader down and calling him a sellout

15. How the whole family handles Uncle Phil's heart attack.

Will telling Carlton that he takes having a father for granted
Carlton saying he doesn't want to see his dad in the hospital.
Will calling Carlton selfish for not being at the hospital and telling him everyone dies

16. Will gets emotional about his dad.

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NBC Productions , BBC / Via

This episode is arguably the most heart-wrenching in the entire series, as Will's dad lets him down for the last time, and he returns to a child-like state as Uncle Phil consoles him.

17. Uncle Phil throwing Jazz out of the house...every time.

18. Ashley cementing her place among the '90s R&B girls.

Will getting excited when he realizes Ashley can sing

19. Will convincing Carlton he killed Lisa over a prank Carlton was in on, leading Alfonso Ribeiro to break the fourth wall.

20. Will argues with Carlton about buying a gun after Will got shot.

Will saying he's angry and wants to do something to but the gun isn't the answer
Will telling Carlton it's okay to be scared

21. The whole family watches Trevor's proposal to Hilary go wrong.

22. When Will catches his mom in bed with his bride-to-be's dad and the whole wedding changes.

Will walking in on his mom and Lisa's dad in bed
Will screaming and calming himself down

23. When Will wants to do the flambe after he's told not to and burns down the kitchen.

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NBC Productions , BBC / Via

What's the harm in a little fire? Will finds out.

24. Nicky helps Will win a bet with Carlton over listening to Tom Jones.

Will paying Nicky for helping him trick Carlton
Nicky complaining about getting five bucks and telling Will to break him off some

25. Will and Carlton's spirited performance to "Apache" by the Sugarhill Gang.

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NBC Productions, Comedy Central UK / Via

When they accrue some gambling debt, they are forced to join this dance competition to win enough money to settle their debts and get home.

Who doesn't still think of this scene when even a note of this song plays? Honestly!

What are your favorite Fresh Prince moments? Add 'em in the comments!

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