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    I, A Gay Brit, Went Out In West Hollywood And This Is What I Noticed Was Very Different

    Friday is the weekend. OFFICIALLY.

    1. If you’re predrinking, you may need to hit up a liquor store or a supermarket instead of relying on your local store.

    Mario Guti / Via Getty Images

    Some stores, like Target, do not stock booze. Drag. Also, predrinking equals pregaming in the US.

    2. That's if you're predrinking at all!

    NBC / Via

    Often folks head home after work cos they have cars to get rid of; then they just go straight to the clerrrb.

    3. Friday officially counts as the weekend.

    Americans will refer to Friday as the weekend! Work? What work?

    4. West Hollywood isn’t the only place to go out.

    Agaliza / Via Getty Images

    Some gay folks prefer the bars downtown and on the Eastside.

    5. The Abbey is more of a tourist destination.

    6. No one checks their coat.

    SME / Via

    I learned that the hard way and spent my night dropping it low with a coat tied around my waist.

    7. Beware of pickpockets!

    CBS / Via

    I was forewarned to keep all my valuables in my front pockets, as thieves often work the gay bars in LA looking for easy-access wallets and phones.

    8. The clubs seem to be entirely run by straight people.

    Straight staff in gay clubs... Jesus did not die for this!

    Tfw it's SLGBT 🙄

    9. You have to tip your bartenders for each drink.

    10. Speaking of, the drinks are STROOOONG.


    Actually, maybe we can adopt this in the UK?

    11. It's not unusual for somebody to walk up to you and compliment your outfit.

    Harpo Studios / Via

    Everyone stops each other and compliments each other's lewks and hair. It's so nice!

    12. There are go-go dancers everywhere.

    Sam Cleal / Via

    Make sure you take lots of ones!

    13. It's easy to bump into celebs...

    Taylor Lautner Spotted At TWO Gay Bars in @GayWeHo (Photo)

    I've never seen a single star in Heaven... so to speak.

    14. ...and porn stars!

    15. The DJ mixes up some weird shit.

    Columbia/Arista/J Records / Via Buzzfeed

    Alicia Key's "No One" mixed into Run-D.M.C.'s "Walk This Way" mixed into Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love". Sure, I'll take it.

    16. And the clubs sometimes play really old music like it's new.

    Interscope Records / Via

    "Boom Boom Pow" is so 2000 and late.

    17. And lastly, if an American likes you, they will come right up to you and say it.

    Playtone / Via

    You may also get drinks bought for you! No British standoffishness here.

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