Just 21 More Flawless Famous Men That Literally Everyone Fancies, No Exceptions

    "A man does not get any finer than that."

    A while back, I wrote a controversial post about the difference between the famous men that women fancy, and the male celebs that gay guys find attractive.

    So I followed up with another post listing the famous men we ALL find attractive, and though that seems to have pleased a few, many people said I missed out some key studs! So, I'm back again, collating the men that both straight gals and gay guys fancy alike. Here we go...

    1. Sebastian Stan

    2. John Krasinski

    3. Jonathan Majors

    4. Aidan Turner

    5. Tom Hiddleston

    6. Chris Hemsworth

    7. Jake Gyllenhaal

    8. Idris Elba

    9. Jensen Ackles

    10. Óscar Isaac

    11. Jonathan Bailey

    12. Matt Bomer

    13. Charlie Hunnam

    14. Trevor Noah

    15. Chris Pine

    16. Bill Skarsgård

    17. Nick Robinson

    18. Shemar Moore

    19. Dylan O'Brien

    20. Theo James

    21. Harry Styles

    Dare I say, do you agree with these choices? Let us know in the comments!