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    23 "Harry Potter" Tiktoks That Might Just Make Any Fan Spit Out Their Pumpkin Juice

    "DiD yOu PuT yOuR nAmE iN tHe GoBLeT oF fiRe?"

    1. This flirty little POV:

    2. This sleek Hogwarts houses fashion montage:


    Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses as aesthetics ⚡️ which one are you? #hogwartshouses #harrypotter #tiktokfashionmonth

    ♬ original sound - floweer_r

    3. This somewhat creepy yet entirely accurate Moaning Myrtle tribute:


    The ✨EFFORT✨ I put into this one 😂 please share! ⚡️💙 #harrypotter #moaningmyrtle #actor #remake #fyp

    ♬ original sound - tyler_warwick

    4. This costume that is 100% Halloween goals:


    They rejected my application to Hogwarts but I still found a way to be a wizard. 🧹#illusion #magic #harrypotter

    ♬ Zach Kings Magic Broomstick - zachking

    5. The movie poster we all wanted to see:


    Voici en exclusivité la prochaine affiche du nouveau Harry Potter 😂 #pourtoi #foryou #harrypotter #procreate #arts

    ♬ Harry Potter Theme Song - Ost

    6. This Draco Malfoy fan-fic-tok:

    7. This excellent Billie Eilish mash-up:

    8. This almost unbelievable imitation makeup:


    Harry Potter's iron triangle imitation makeup eleven is called regret, the name of twelve is unforgettable, the name of thirteen is called superfluous

    ♬ 原聲 - fafaflore

    9. This excellent use of Toto's "Africa":

    10. This very real dramatisation of what happened the night Harry survived:

    11. That time Draco was 100% Draco:

    12. This hill that every HP fan will die on:

    13. This sublime cover of "Bad Guy" by the main cast... sort of:


    HARRY POTTER CAST SING ‘BAD GUY’ ⚡️🎙. #fyp #harrypotter #ukcomedy #billyeilish

    ♬ original sound - byollieb

    14. This frankly terrifying creation:


    cursed audio for cursed content, this shoot was an emotional journey #dobby #sexydobby #harrypotter #hp #hpcosplay #harrypottercosplay

    ♬ original sound - prodstitch

    15. This, the reason why we should let 4-year-olds edit scripts:


    this is my absolute favorite trend i was laughing so hard #fyp #harrypotter #guessname #foryou

    ♬ origineel geluid - shittyflute_orginal

    16. This cosplay transformation which makes me feel things:

    17. This excellent take on a popular trend:

    18. This guy who really wanted to get to Hogwarts:

    19. This entirely relatable predicament:


    Harry Potter EDITION AHAHAHAHAHA, di che casata siete voi? Io 🐍🐍💚 #fyp#fy#perte#harrypotter#draco#potterhead#foryou

    ♬ SexyBack - Justin Timberlake

    20. This romantic POV which will draw you in for sure:

    21. This highly inventive use on one's time:


    If you think this wasn’t a waste of 5 hours smack that ‘+’ 😂 @electricjason #harrypotter #washingmachine

    ♬ original sound - kurtschneider

    22. The time someone customised the HP movie subtitles:

    23. And lastly, this wholesome fan encounter with the one and only Tom Felton:

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