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If You Were A Pop-Punk Fan, You'll Have No Problem Getting 12/14 On This Busted Lyric Quiz

"I asked you to _____, BUT YOU SAID NO!"

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I'm assuming we all remember the early noughties British pop-rock band Busted? You'll know them as the iconic outfit that introduced you to "rock" music, and potentially triggered your sexual awakening.

Universal Island Records

They achieved widespread fame in the UK with their iconic albums Busted and A Present for Everyone. Internationally, a couple of their singles were covered by The Jonas Brothers, they produced an original song for the 2004 movie Thunderbirds, and their song "Falling For You" was featured in the Hilary Duff classic A Cinderella Story.

Well if, like me, you stanned James, Matt, and Charlie back in the day, you should have no problem guessing the missing lyrics below!

Universal Island Records