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    Sorry Hun, This Is The Only "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Recasting That Matters

    Andrew Scott is just the perfect Giles.

    1. Tati Gabrielle as Buffy Summers.

    David Livingston / Via Getty Images, The WB

    Always fierce and undeniably fabulous – can't you just see Tati as the chosen one?

    2. Kaitlyn Dever as Willow Rosenberg.

    Amanda Edwards / Via Getty Images, The WB

    Kaitlyn has the warmth and naiveté to play Williow, but you can bet she'd nail Dark Willow just as well.

    3. Andrew Scott as Rupert Giles.

    Gareth Cattermole / Via Getty Images, The WB

    Who better to watch over Tati than everyone's favourite sexy Irish actor?

    4. Matt Bennett as Xander Harris.

    Jesse Grant / Via Getty Images, The WB

    If funny and cute is what's needed for Xander, Matt has it in spades.

    5. KJ Apa as Angel.

    Amy Sussman / Via Getty Images, The WB

    Who else could muster the right swagger to play Buffy's number one beau, Angel – the hunky vampire cursed with a soul?

    6. Jordan Fisher as Spike.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Getty Images, The WB

    He's a little bit of punk with a heavy dose of charm – which makes Jordan perfect for Buffy's on-off vampire boyf, Spike.

    7. Amandla Stenberg as Dawn Summers.

    Rich Fury / Via Getty Images, The WB

    Sure she's cute, but just like Dawn, there's way more to Amandla bubbling beneath the surface.

    8. Hailee Steinfeld as Cordelia Chase.

    Jesse Grant / Via Getty Images, The WB

    I so wanna see Hailee as the bitchy cheerleader cum demon-fighting agent, Cordelia.

    9. Josh Hutcherson as Daniel "Oz" Osbourne.

    Carlos Alvarez / Via Getty Images, The WB

    Cute, alternative, and lil' bit hairy, I feel like Josh has the chops to play werewolf and Willow's ex, Oz.

    10. Ashley Benson as Tara Maclay.

    Pascal Le Segretain / Via Getty Images, The WB

    From one Benson to another, I think Ashley could definitely do witchy woman and fan favourite, Tara, justice.

    11. Cole Sprouse as Riley Finn.

    John Lamparski / Via Getty Images, The WB

    Cole and Riley are both that kind of wholesome handsome, y'know? Plus, let's give the people want they want – a Tati, Cole, and KJ love triangle!

    12. Maya Hawke as Faith Lehane.

    Dia Dipasupil / Via Getty Images, The WB

    Fiery yet beautiful, I definitely feel like Maya would rule as the double-crossing slayer, Faith.

    13. Indya Moore as Kendra Young.

    Dimitrios Kambouris / Via Getty Images, The WB

    Indya would slay as Kendra – a bad bitch who's sense of style is as killer as her right hook.

    14. Miranda Cosgrove as Anya.

    Jason Kempin / Via Getty Images, The WB

    Super sweet but still a little feisty, Miranda would be perfect for former demon and Xander's girlfriend, Anya.

    15. Shay Mitchell as Drusilla.

    Craig Barritt / Via Getty Images, The WB

    She can play darksided and she's sexy as hell – don't tell me you can't see Shay as grand-high vampire, Drusilla?

    Do you agree with these picks? Shout out in the comments!