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    Here Are 17 Of The Best Christmas Television Specials There Ever Were

    "Careful of the icy patch!"

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what their favourite Christmas TV special of all time is! Here are some of the best suggestions.

    1. The Office (US version)


    "It's gotta be The Office Christmas special where they do Secret Santa, and Michael gets given a homemade oven mitt by Phyllis. That episode always makes me laugh."


    2. A Muppet Family Christmas


    "Definitely the muppets Christmas special – the one with Fraggle Rock. The best thing about it is how everybody keeps saying 'careful of the icy patch' when someone enters the house and slips over. Excellent TV!"


    "I mean, it brought the muppets, Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock together! Enough said."


    3. The Vicar Of Dibley

    BBC/Endemol UK

    "I love the episode of The Vicar of Dibley where the vicar gets invited to four Christmas dinners and has to take a cab to the house next door because she’s so full!"


    "Hands down The Vicar of Dibley episode where Geraldine ends up having to eat several Christmas dinners because she doesn’t want to let down any of her parishioners who have invited her over."


    4. Bob's Burgers

    20th Television

    "The Bob’s Burgers episode 'Bob Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins', where the Belchers help a man who believes he’s a mannequin find his lost love just in time for Christmas!"


    "The Christmas specials are funny, sweet, and wholesome too. I always look forward to watching them! No matter how insane the plot is, like being chased by a candy cane or discovering a Christmas rave in an abandoned warehouse, it’s always good humoured television with a happy ending."


    5. Doctor Who

    BBC Studios

    "The 2006 special 'The Runaway Bride' was just amazing. It nicely delved into how the Doctor was coping with the loss of Rose Tyler in the previous season, and introduced us to one of his future companions, Donna Noble – IMO, one of his best companions ever!"


    6. Royle Family


    "The 2008 Christmas special, when Denise and Dave host both sets of parents for Christmas dinner, is British comedy at its best. It’s the perfect show to watch when you’re forcing down Quality Street a few hours after dinner!"


    "Any of The Royle Family Christmas specials. They used to be the thing our family would look forward to watching every Christmas. So funny but so natural and down to earth."


    7. SpongeBob SquarePants


    "Specifically, the episode 'Christmas Who' from season two. I was six years old when it first aired and it has kind of become a family staple to watch Christmas. My dad and brother quote it all year round!"


    8. The West Wing

    Warner Bros.

    "I love the 'Noël' episode from the second season. It focuses on the character of Josh Lyman as he deals with PTSD and the support he receives from a psychotherapist called Stanley and his close friend Leo. Even though it's a little serious, It's really a moving episode and super well-acted!"


    9. Call The Midwife

    Sophie Mutevelian/BBC

    "Any of them – they're always a firm favourite on Christmas Day! Each episode provides a fascinating insight into the hardships of people living in '50s/'60s East London, and usually there's a fun history lesson to learn concerning the social issues of the time. I'm never sure if I’ll be crying tears of laughter or sadness, but either way, tissues are necessary!"


    10. French and Saunders


    "The French and Saunders Christmas special where they spoofed Titanic was straight fire. I laughed my head off!"


    11. Father Ted

    Channel 4

    "'A Christmassy Ted' must be watched at least once on every single Christmas Day. The heroic act of Ted helping a group of priests escape Ireland's biggest lingerie department is a total classic."


    "Ugh, when all the priests get stuck in Ireland’s biggest lingerie section. I died of laughter!"


    12. Futurama

    20th Television

    "It may just be me, but a lot of Christmas specials are way too saccharine for me. I love the episode of Futurama when the robot Santa Claus tries to kill everyone – I think it's a nice change of pace!"


    13. Good Mythical Morning


    "Maybe a YouTube series is an unconventional thing to watch at Christmas time, but these episodes are absolute gems! Take 'Will it Eggnog' for example – the scene where Rhett and Link force each other to drink eggnog made out of blood is total comedy GOLD. I can never get over how funny it is when Link hysterically screams at Rhett in a Southern accent, 'did you not DRINK IT? DReeeNK IT!!!!!!'"


    14. Christmas at Pee Wee's Playhouse


    "I just love it! If the guest stars and vibrant colours aren't enough for you, Miss Yvonne has the most amazing Christmas outfit!"


    15. Brooklyn 99

    John P. Fleenor/Fox

    "Being a big fan of the show, I have to put forward episode 'Yippie Kayak' from series three. It's hilarious and serious at the same time, and I stan the Die Hard reference!"


    16. Gavin and Stacey


    "Gavin and Stacey is my favourite, there's nothing that can compare! The script is so sharp and while there's a lot of squabbling, you can see how much the gang love each other. I can't wait for the Christmas special this year."


    17. Friends

    Warner Bros.

    "The one with the holiday armadillo! It's just so funny and comforting; I also love how they show that holidays mean something different to everyone!"


    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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