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Make A Portable Snack Tray For On-The-Go With Kids

Traveling with your kids? Make this easy little snack tray and you're ready!

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Take a DVD case that is old and get the paper part out (the cover). Make sure you take the DVD out if there is still one in there!


Fold a blank piece of paper and draw on the front. You can draw a car or anything that is a method of traveling. Now, write in big letters (so the kid can read it) MY SNACK TRAY. Add something on the back, too, if you'd like.

TIP: If you have a kid that is able to draw/scribble, let them design it. Just make sure they know where to draw or it will not show up.


Fit the paper into the plastic where the cover used to be. Wipe the inside of the case and you're done! Your kid is ready to use their own little snack tray.

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