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Why Did You Stop Trying To Lose Weight?

Tell us what made you decide to quit trying to achieve a goal weight or size.

Lots of people diet (like about 45 million people every year).

And people want to lose weight for all kinds of reasons — aesthetic, health-related, etc.

Most of us have probably read stories about people who have met the weight loss goals they set.

But now we want to hear the stories from people who have decided to stop trying to lose weight.

Maybe you stopped because dieting became emotionally fraught or unhealthy.

Maybe you realized that trying to lose weight was actually getting in the way of your overall happiness and health.

Maybe your relationship with your body changed and you realized that you didn't need to weigh less to love the way you look.

So tell us: Why did you decide to stop trying to lose weight?

We want to know about the realizations, epiphanies, and processes involved in your journey. Please tell us all about how your relationship to food, eating, weight, and your body has evolved and how you got to where you are now.

Drop it in the comments and your story might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post!