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What Does No One Ever Tell You About Being In Therapy?

Help us explain what it's really like to be in therapy.

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Therapy can be kind of tough to describe.

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Maybe that's because it can be great, eye-opening, and exciting. And also boring, tedious, and aggravating. (And somehow it can be all those things at once.)

So, we want to know what therapy is like for you.

Especially the stuff no one told you about and that you never saw coming.


Or maybe it's helped you discover that you are a bit of a cryer.

Who knew?

Tell us: What did no one ever tell you about being in therapy that's actually totally important to know?

No matter what kind of therapy you're in or have been in — talk therapy, CBT, analysis, etc. — we want to know all the little and big things about it that explain what it feels like. You can tell us about what it's like to be in an actual session or what it feels like overall.

Tell us in the comments below for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed post.