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What Are Your Best Tips For Keeping The Weight Off?

Tell us your tips and tricks for maintaining.

Everyone's always talking about how to get started losing weight — how to eat and exercise, how to stay motivated, etc.

But what about what happens when you hit your goal weight and it's time to settle into maintaining it?

We want to know your best tips for maintaining your weight loss and staying sane while you do it.

Like maybe you stopped tracking your calories every single day but have found that tracking every other week or so has kept you on track.

Or you have a strategy for regularly enjoying sweet stuff without overdoing it.

And maybe you've replaced a day or two of cardio with other physical activities like hiking or cycling or rock climbing.

Or maybe you have some more mental health-focused strategies — like journaling.

Or meditating or maybe using an app like Streaks to help support your effort toward maintaining food habits.

So tell us: What helps you maintain your weight now that you've lost?

We want to know what things you've discovered for the way you eat, exercise, socialize, and just basically live that help you stay more or less where you want to be weight-wise.

Let us know in the comments below and your response may be featured in a future BuzzFeed Health post.