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What Are Your Best Tips For Getting In Shape?

Awesome workout ideas? Best-ever healthy recipes? Unbeatable motivational mantras? Tell us all about how you do fitness.

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So, maybe the best health and fitness tips actually come from people who have fun doing healthy stuff. / Via Instagram: @prettifitladi

You know, like that friend whose Instagram feed is full of elated #seenonmyrun posts, or the co-worker who can't stop talking about hot yoga.

People who've been there, and who have discovered a few habits and tricks that work for them. / Via Instagram: @mommyrunschicago

Like visualizing how you're going to treat yourself after you complete that 18-mile run.

Are you one of those people who has legit fallen in love with fitness (maybe in spite of your better judgment)? / Via Instagram: @pugsandpushups

Please, share your secrets with us! What is your best piece of advice for people who want to start living fitter, healthier lives?

Tori Strong / Via

What have you learned on your own journey? What are your favorite tips, habits, mantras, and/or recipes (smoothie or otherwise) that have helped you along the way?

Tell us in the comments below for a chance for your pointers to be featured in a future BuzzFeed post.

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