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What Are Your Best Tips For Teaching Kids To Love Their Bodies?

Tell us how to help kids have awesome body image.

There's no question that being a parent is hard work.

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Especially because you have to, like, teach them right from wrong and imbue them with great values.

We want to know how you teach your kids to love their bodies. Or how your parents taught you to!

Maybe you take great care in teaching them all of the amazing things their body can do.

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Maybe you work hard on not talking negatively about your own body in front of them.

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Or you discourage teasing or talk that makes fun of people's appearance or ability.

And you make sure they're exposed to representations of all kinds of bodies and abilities.

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So tell us: What are your best tips for raising a kid to have positive body image?

And they can be for kids of any age and relate to everything from size, hair, skin, ability, height, whatEVER. Share your strategies that work for you (or worked for your parents!), including kid-friendly books or movies or other media with great messages about body image.

Let us know in the comments below and your response may be featured in a future BuzzFeed Health post.

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