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Tell Us How You Started Your Big Weight Loss Journey

Describe your very first steps to weight loss and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post.

When you're trying to lose a good deal of weight, actually getting started might be the hardest part.

So we want to know what worked for you at the very beginning of your major weight loss journey.

Like, the very first things that helped you get started, stay motivated, and actually stick with it.

Maybe the first thing you did was swap out packaged snacks for delicious homemade ones.

Or cut down a bit on soda or booze.

Or you took up something outdoorsy.

Perhaps you found the gym super intimidating so you worked out at home instead?

Or you took up a mental health practice that really helped you prepare for the work ahead?

Tell us: How exactly did you get started on your effort to lose weight?

We want to hear all about the steps you took at the very beginning — whether they had to do with diet, exercise, mental health, or something else altogether. The more details you share (include photos, how much weight you lost, etc.!) the more likely it is we'll profile you in a future post. And if you'd like to nominate a friend or loved one, we want to hear that, too!

Email healthstories@buzzfeed.com with your story for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed post.