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Here's What Real Healthy People Actually Eat For Breakfast

Simple breakfast ideas from pros who need that healthy fuel.

1. Soft-boiled eggs, avocado, rice, and greens

2. Flourless peanut butter and banana pancakes

3. Oatmeal with chia seeds, unsweetened coconut milk, mulberries, blackberries, and cashew butter

4. Scrambled egg and black bean chipotle tacos

5. Creamy butter coffee

6. Banana, almond butter, and honey on toast

7. Acai bowl with granola and coconut

8. Cheese and spinach omelet, oatmeal with protein powder, and fruit

9. Omelet with chicken, spinach, and black beans, with avocado and a side of fruit

10. Salad with steak, farro, and sautéed vegetables

11. Two eggs and two egg whites scrambled with mushrooms, Ezekiel toast, and two veggie sausage patties

12. Magic morning coffee

13. Protein Perfect Breakfast Cake

14. Egg white, tomato, bell pepper omelet with avocado and a side salad

15. Guacamole with cilantro and Kalamata olives on pumpernickel toast