16 Reasons We Love Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

SERIOUSLY, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls makes us smile every day. It’s like a hug that makes us dance. www.amysmartgirls.org

1. 1.) Down to earth, relatable and beautiful wisdom.

5. 2.) Magnificent cameos!


8. 3.) Smart Girls celebrate ALL cultures.

11. 4.) They show us Smart Girls have no age.

Amy with badass storyteller Ellaraino

And playing drums at 80!

Amy interviewing legendary comedy writer Irma Kalish.

14. 5.) Smart Girls show us that you’re allowed to make mistakes.

Comedy bang-bang!

15. 6.) They demonstrate inspiring friendships!

And they’re friends with DOLLY!

17. 7.) And they don’t discriminate against any specific hair color.

19. 8.) Smart Girls take healthy risks. And they GET THEIR HAIR WET!

21. 9.) They have wicked cool merchandise.

23. 10.) We love Amy rockin’ those scarves.

She wears a different scarf every episode!!

25. 11.) Smart Girls reminds us to be good people.

28. 12.) Sometimes their (boy) friends pop in to show what they are up to.

32. 13.) John Green loves Smart Girls!

33. 14.) Amy asks the best hard hitting questions.

Would you rather live in a treehouse or an igloo?

34. 15.) All of the kick ass women doing cool things…

Like fighting fires.

35. 16.) Most of all…1,2,3 DANCY PARTY!!!

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