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24 Of The Most Life-Saving Baby Products To Order On Amazon

Because who has time to spend running around Target anymore?

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Amazon is an amazing resource for parents because 1. you don't have to leave the house to get what you need and 2. you can get things pretty quickly.

So we asked the BuzzFeed Community about the most life-saving product they've ordered on Amazon, and rounded up the best answers for you.

1. The NoseFrida aspirator is great for when your little one is congested.


"Nosefrida is amazing. So gross but so satisfying when you can see all the snot you’re sucking out of your little one so he can breathe. So. Many. Boogers." —a4bae58a17

Find it here for $14.99.

2. The Snuggin is a stuffed animal that allows you to attach and store pacifiers, keeping them in reach and off the ground.


“Snuggin is a life saver! It lets you attach pacifiers and teethers, and you can attach it to things like baby carriers and high chairs so you don't have to chase your baby's toys everywhere. It even has storage inside. It's like a Wubbanub but a hundred times better.” —Evan Pettrey, Facebook

Get it here for $19.95

3. The Fisher Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper helps your baby sleep at an incline and folds up for easy transportation.


You can also get an automatic one that swings itself.

"It helps to keep them on an incline if they have reflux or a runny nose, it folds flat for easy storage, and both of my kids preferred sleeping in it over a crib. Just be mindful of how long you let them sleep in it to avoid flat spots (as with anything)." —Jenn Adams, Facebook

Find it here for $59.79.

4. The Green Sprouts Water Bottle Adapter turns any standard water bottle into a sippy cup.

"Helpful when you are traveling and need a sippy cup. Attach the adaptor to a standard bottle and voila!" —Anjana Sukumar, Facebook

Find it here for $3.99.

5. The Windi will help reduce your baby's gas-related discomfort.


"This. It's a tube that helps you relieve baby gas. There are a lot of things you don't need as a new parent; this is not one of those things." —Hilary Schumer, Facebook

Find it here at $12.99 for a pack of 10.

6. The vibrating Tranquilo mat can be used in a crib, carrier or car seat to keep your baby relaxed.

"It's a mat that vibrates and has low white noise that recreates the feeling of being in the womb. It was created by a maternity nurse to help particularly fussy babies. It's honestly like watching someone flip a switch when they turn the mat on while a baby's lying on it. Next to diapers, it's the next most indispensable thing a parent can have." —Leslie Pearlson, Facebook

Find it here for $90.00.

7. You'll never have to hand-mix formula again with the Baby Brezza.


"It's been so useful for mixing formula for our twins! You can mix between 2-10 oz. at the touch of a button and it comes out the perfect temperature every time. You have to clean it once a week so it doesn't clog, but other than that it's been wonderful!" —Melody Sundin-Cervantes, Facebook

Find it here for $144.45.

8. The Ubbi Diaper Pail comes in a bunch of beautiful colors and patterns and it holds odor well.

"I love my Ubbi diaper pail. It's steel so it keeps the diaper smell inside. I use it for cloth diapers with a wetbag, but since you can use any bag, you can use it for disposables too. It also comes in lots of different colors to match your nursery." Angela Christine Rodriguez-McGuire, Facebook

Find it here for $74.48 to $97.64.

9. SwaddleMe is adjustable so it's easy to use and takes the stress out of swaddling.


"For a tired, frustrated, and confused first-time parent or even an out-of-practice grandparent, swaddling with a blanket is a horrifying experience. The SwaddleMe is extremely easy to use. If baby moves, they stay bundled which keeps them asleep longer. You can even change their diaper without un-swaddling their upper body." —Kelly Cox, Facebook

Find two-packs in a bunch of colors here for $21.99.

10. The Sarah Wells bag has a special compartment for your pumping equipment and doubles as a tote or backpack.

"After pumping was done, these products were versatile enough that I could still use them as a diaper bag and the (hands down) best wet/dry bag I've ever had." —Carinn Hall, Facebook

Find it here for $125.00.

11. This breast milk storage kit pretty much eliminates the need for bottles.

"I ordered the Kiinde bottle feeding system. And it was a huge convenience for a breast feeding/pumping mom. It comes with adapters so you can pump straight into the bags then comes with a nipple that attaches to the bags. So at the end of the day all you have to clean is a few bottle nipples." —Kelly Boehm Heese, Facebook

Find it here for $29.99.

12. The Little Green Pouch is an eco-friendly way to take food on the go.


"The Little Green Pouch is an everyday item in my house. Reusable, easy for my little guy to hold and use, and I can fill it with anything. We use it for Greek yogurt that isn't sold in any kind of pouch/kid-friendly packaging." —Jessie Possert, Facebook

Find a four-pack of these seven ounce pouches here for $14.99, and get the funnel here for an extra $6.99 (otherwise just use a spoon). You can also get smaller sized pouches here.

13. This banana toothbrush is a perfect way to help little ones learn to brush their own teeth.


"The banana peels are handles. The little guy transitioned from teething on it, and is brushing his teeth now that he’s a little older." —ashleyh75

Find it here for $7.39.

14. WubbaNubs keep pacifiers from falling on the ground every two minutes.


"My son was able to put his pacifier back into his mouth if he accidentally spit it out, and the times it fell to the floor were drastically reduced as it was attached to something heavy." —TeKiesha Brady, Facebook

Find the monkey and many more animals here for $12.95 to $16.95.

15. The ZoLi nail trimmer has cushioned pads designed for each stage of your baby's growth.

"It’s an electric nail file that saves parents from the terrifying task of clipping a newborn’s delicate nails. It also leaves them soft enough that the baby won’t scratch his or her face. Easily the best device we got for the baby." —kieral4638d8ec6

Find it here for $31.45.

16. This tub insert for your sink that has side drains so that clean water can flow in while dirty water flows out.


"The 4Moms Infant Tub has temp sensors and keeps fresh water coming. It fits safely in the sink and our baby boy loves to splash." —rhiannons4123fcba6

Find it here for $49.99.

17. The Baby Shusher is basically like a white noise machine that helps with sleep.


"Hands down, my lifesaver. He started sleeping eight and then 10 hours at night, and if he woke up all I had to do was turn on the Shusher again. I would buy it again a hundred times over!" —momnutt

Find it here for $31.49.

18. This booster seat folds up so it travels easily. You can also use it as a booster seat without the tray.

It has a tray that you can slide on the top as well.

"A portable high chair that is small, lightweight, foldable, and a lifesaver! We bring it everywhere." —catieh47dff05d6

Find it here for $18.88 in tan or pink.

19. This diaper cream applicator tool is an easy way to avoid getting diaper cream all over your hands.


"The Baby Bum Brush! I hate sticking my fingers in the cream and getting it stuck under my finger nails. More importantly, it aids in not spreading bacteria between your hands, baby bum and cream." —Marla Higgins, Facebook

Find it here for $7.99.

20. This set of breast shells helps ease the pain of engorgement and chapped nipples.


"They let sore, split nipples heal far better than any cream will, your nipples never get stuck to them like paper nipple pads and they even collect excess milk. As soon as I got these, breastfeeding was a LOT easier!" —louisaa44e06c820

Find them here for $16.99.

21. The Snuza is a monitor that will alert you if your baby stops breathing.

"I couldn’t sleep until my son had a Snuza. It’s a clip on monitor that monitors the baby’s breathing. I had a huge fear of SIDS so it saved my sanity and it's the only thing I buy for first time mothers." —shannonelizabethh

Find it here for $99.99.

22. This wearable thermometer sends you mobile alerts when your baby's temperature changes.


"It is amazing when your baby/child is sick because I can monitor their temperature on my smartphone. Much better than sticking a thermometer up the baby’s butt and I don’t have to disturb them if they are resting!" —Teamdream2

Find it here for $24.99.

23. QuickZip Crib Sheets make changing sheets in your baby's crib so much easier.

"Crib mattresses are a pain in the butt to move because they are wedged so tightly in the crib. A friend introduced me to these sheets that just zip off the top so that you are basically just changing the top layer without having to move the mattress at all. They are a little pricier than normal sheets but so worth the money!" —emilysuov

Find the base pack here for $39.99 and the extra zip on sheets with patterns here.

24. Many parents recommended using Amazon Subscribe and Save for baby-related basics like diapers and wipes.

You can order economy packs of products that you use up quickly at a discounted rate. This goes for baby products as well as general household items like toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, etc. You can choose how often you want them to be sent (monthly, every other month, etc.) and you can always skip months if you have enough left over.

Find the 124 unit economy pack Pampers Swaddlers (size 5) here for $43.68 and the 6 pack of Seventh Generation baby wipes here for $15.99.

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