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24 "Star Wars" Toys That Anyone Would Want To Play With

May the Fourth be with you.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

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1. This Jedi Holocron that asks you questions so you can test your Star Wars knowledge.

Get it here for $16.51.

2. This remote controlled Millennium Falcon that actually flies!

Get it here for $74.99.

3. This set of 11 collectible Funko Pop! figures that will perfectly adorn your mantle.

Get the entire set for $87.88. Or you can buy them individually!

4. This perplexus puzzle that lights up and makes sounds while you solve it. A-maze-ing!

Get it here for $34.79.

5. This BB-8 Droid that learns behaviors, reacts to voice commands, records videos, and can be controlled with your phone.

This might literally be the coolest toy out there. Get it here for $131.23.

6. These pillow pals that will keep you company while you fall asleep.

Get Yoda for $22 and Chewbacca for $14.70.

7. This party-pack of masks that you'll want definitely want to wear outside of the house (but probably shouldn't).

Get them here for $4.99.

8. This little Death Star bean bag that will embrace your tired body at the end of the day.

Get it here for $119.

9. This Lego model of Rey's Speeder that you can build quickly but keep forever.

Get it here for $19.73, or build the entire Millennium Falcon with this kit for $146.

10. This tent that you can build a nest inside of and use indoors.

Get it here for $19.99.

11. This nightlight that will keep you from having scary dreams or stubbing your toe on the way to the bathroom.

Get it in more characters like R2-D2 and C-3PO here for $19.99.

12. This lil' plush Ewok that you just wanna boop on the nose.

Get it here for $16.70.

13. This amazing Nerf gun that looks like a First Order Stormtrooper Blaster.

Get it here for $19.31.

14. This Furbacca that you can gently caress like this kid and then promptly have nightmares about.

Get it here for $40.

15. These cute Tsum Tsum plush nuggets that are perfectly stackable.

Get them here for $12.95 each.

16. These Lightsaber pens that light up so you can reduce the pain of writing your rent check (and general adulthood).

Get it here for $9.95.

17. This Mr. Potato Head Spudtrooper that has a potato masher Blaster!

Get it here for $12.99.

18. This plus BB-8 backpack that is as functional as it is snuggly.

Get it here for $29.99.

19. This snuggly Rey plush that'll inspire you to be your best self every day.

Get it here for $9.95.

20. These cookie cutters that you should set aside a whole day to bake and play with.

Get the pack here for $7.49.

21. This Chewbacca lunchbox that you'll want to pet on your way to work.

Get it here for $14.94.

22. These insanely cool wall-mounted character lights that are fit for any fan of any age.

And it's not just these three- you can also get the Millenium Falcon, light sabers, Boba Fett, BB-8 and the Death Star (among others). Get them here for $39 each.

23. The new Star Wars Rebellion board game that is sure to keep you and your fellow nerd friends up all night.

Get it here for $74.30.

24. This R2-D2 bento style lunchbox that even has an insert to press your sandwiches into the shape of the Death Star.

Make your co-workers jealous and get it here for $7.99.

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