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17 Things Everyone Who Is Bad At Makeup Needs To Own

Because you will not rest until your cat eye is FLAWLESS.

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1. ColourPop Lippie Stix have very thin edges that give you razor-sharp lipstick application.

Made by ColourPop (a brand beloved by celebs like Kylie Jenner), these Lippie Stix are known to last all day and glide on smoothly. You can choose from a bunch of finishes like matte, creme, satin, and more. Just make sure to use a corresponding Lippie Pencil for ultimate perfection!

Price: Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils are both $5 each from the Colourpop website.


3. These Shadow Shields will protect your under-eye area from eye shadow dust and help give you a perfect shadow line.

Instagram: @monasmakerie

These little cotton pads lightly adhere directly to your face without messing up your under-eye makeup. They not only protect you from eye shadow dust, but they can also act as templates for getting your cat eye just right.

Price: $8.78 on Amazon.

4. The BareMinerals Brow Master Brush is the best tool for keeping your eyebrows in perfect shape.

This brush is a must-have for shaping and filling your eyebrows, and it comes with a spoolie to help you brush your brows for greater fullness. It's best to have two angled brushes, one for powder or filling your brows, and another one for using concealer to line your brows and lips.

Price: $14.50 on Amazon.

5. This cat eye template will help you get the most flawless liner you've ever seen.

You will never have to worry about messing up your eyeliner again with this stencil. It works best with dry-to-wet liners that you'd apply with a brush.

Price: $0.84 on Amazon.

6. The e.l.f. Eyebrow Stencil Kit will help you get a consistent shape every time.

Instagram: @fashionsloverspty

Hold the stencil flush to your eyebrows and start with a lighter shade of eyeshadow or brow powder. Swipe upwards in short strokes all the way down your brow. Remove the stencil and fill in with a darker shade if you want.

Price: $6.32 on Amazon.


7. For the smoothest thick-to-thin swipe, BareMinerals' Lash Domination Ink Liner is a miracle product.

This liner is meant to allow the user to go from a thin line to a thick one by adding more pressure or angling the felt liner tip toward the eye. It has an insanely pointed tip for serious precision, and it glides straight along the lid.

Price: $19.00 from Nordstrom (free shipping).

8. For razor-thin liner, or the perfect cat eye flick, Tarte Cosmetics' So Fine Micro Liner is just what you need.

Instagram: @iheartmakeupart

This liner is meant to allow you to get either super thin swipes on the lash line or precision cat eyes. The felt tip is extremely thin.

Price: $22.00 from Sephora.

9. Pacifica's Stunning Brows eyebrow gloss will help your brows stay in shape all day.

Pacifica's clear brow gloss is a godsend for brow enthusiasts (I swear by it). It doesn't make your brows shiny, it just keeps them perfectly brushed up and in place all day. Apply it after you've filled in your brows or just use the gloss on its own. The best part is that all of their products are vegan and paraben-free.

Price: $14.00 from the Pacifica website.

10. The Double-Ended Camouflage Brush is everything you need to apply concealer without creases or brush lines.

@tartecosmetics / Via

It's not only excellent for makeup perfectionists, it's also a great two-in-one tool. Use the brush side to apply your concealer and the sponge side to blend.

Price: $36.00 from the Tarte Cosmetics website.


11. The Beautyblender Micro.Mini sponges get into all the little nooks of your face for flawless blending.

Instagram: @nelly_oooo

They are amazing for under-eye, corrective color, and contour blending.

Price: $30.00 for a pack of 4 from Sephora.

13. To keep your makeup looking flawless and sharp all day, use Urban Decay Setting Spray.

@urbandecaycosmetics / Via

If you are the type of perfectionist who can't stand to see makeup fading throughout the day (and who isn't?!), this setting spray will give you peace of mind. It will keep your makeup looking sharp all damn day.

Price: $14.00 for 1 ounce, or $30.00 for 4 ounces from Sephora.

14. Makeup Forever Aqua Seal will waterproof most types of makeup so you can count on more than just your mascara staying in place.

Instagram: @antonova_ir

Aqua Seal can be added to any liquid concealer, foundation, mascara, and even loose powdered eyeshadows to waterproof your makeup! Bonus: This little bottle lasts forever!

Price: $21.00 from Sephora.

15. CreaNails are like little nail polish guides that protect your fingers for the perfect at-home manicure.

Instagram: @jbot

They work for any size nail, are reusable, and also come with a set of French tip strips!

Price: $22.99 on Amazon.

16. The CreaClip helps you get perfect bangs at home.

Instagram: @creaproducts

This is genius for anyone who's been been dying to test out bangs, but it's also a great tool for anyone who needs to keep theirs trimmed. It can also be angled to help you get flawless side-swept bangs. You can definitely use scissors, but clippers make it easier.

Price: $29.99 on Amazon.

17. For perfectly plucked eyebrows, nothing can beat Tweezerman Brow Tweezers.

@Tweezerman / Via

Beat around the (eyebrow) bush all you want, but there's no denying Tweezerman's brow tweezers are the best. They get even the most stubborn hairs out, and they are so pointy and precise.

Price: $23.25 on Amazon.