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34 Products That Anyone Obsessed With Broadway Needs

"Musicals ruined my life."

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This silhouette of the Schuyler Sisters in their power stance.

Get it here for $11.

2. This West Side Story shirt that appeals to both the theater nerd and the millennial in you.

Get it here for $25.84.

3. This La Vie Boheme necklace that any RENT fan would adore.

Get it here for $23.

4. This snarky phone case that any Something Rotten fan will appreciate.

"Don't be a penis, the man is a genius!"

Get it here for $25.

5. This Hedwig tote bag that is a secret display of possibly the most beautiful concept in the universe.

Get it here for $18.77.

6. This Fun Home shirt or phone case that will make you feel all of the feels.

I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying.

Get the shirt here for $26.87 and the phone case here for $27.08.

7. This Annie Get Your Gun inspired mug that will give you the confidence to start your day.

Get it here for $16.

8. This badass duo of Chicago ladies that will ~Razzle Dazzle~ everyone.

Get it here for $19.84.

9. This print that knows the power of a Jellicle cat.

Find it here for $14.71.

10. This Spring Awakening notebook that will tell everyone how you really feel.

Get it here for $12.80.

11. This Liza Minnelli print that is sure to bring you joy.

Get it here for $19.10.

12. This sticker that any dedicated Hedwig and the Angry Inch fan would want to display prominently on their laptop.

Get it here for $2.72.

13. This original Cats poster from 1982.

You really need to be committed to buy this $500 poster and then also have it on display. Get it here!

14. This Les Mis tote that is full of hope.

Get it here for $19.55.

15. This adorable "Totoro meets Mary Poppins" phone case.

Get it here for $30.20.

16. This bookmark that expresses Hamilton's power of the pen and Eliza's rightful heartbreak.

Get this one and others here for $4.99.

17. This hilarious shirt from Book of Mormon that you should never wear into a religious establishment.

Get it here for $24.80.

18. This Yay Hamlet cross stitch for anyone who is obsessed with Lin Manuel Miranda on Twitter.

This tweet is what keeps me going every day.

Get it here for $15.

19. These subtle Tevye leggings that any die-hard Fiddler fan would want to wear.

Get it here for $49.

20. This ring with the beloved lyric "Close your eyes and let music set you free" from Phantom of the Opera.

Get it here for $44.97.

21. This Hairspray-inspired optimistic way to start your day.

Get it here for $15.

22. Get this excellent pattern download for anyone whose passions intersect at Wicked and cross stitch.

Get it here for $5.

23. This Jersey Boys laptop case so everyone knows for sure that you're a theater nerd.

Get it here for $25.

24. This amazing decal for every Little Shop of Horrors fan who also loves to bake.

Get it here for $9.99.

Or you could just straight up buy this enormous $3,500 Audrey 2 prop.

25. This phone or pillow case for only the most dedicated Book of Mormon fan.

Get the phone case here for $25 and the pillow here for $19.84.

26. This dear old Shiz University mug for any Wicked fan.

Get it here for $15.

27. This print for anyone who loves absurdist theater.

Or anyone who was lucky enough to see No Man's Land or Waiting for Godot on Broadway with Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart.

Get it here for $10.

28. This Spamalot sweatshirt for any Monty Python fan.

Get it here for $43.31.

29. This pencil case for anyone who is already singing "And he wrote his first refrain, a testament to his pain" out loud.

Get it here for $18.99.

30. This Phantom mask clock that will make you want to SING for him!

Get it here for $24.

31. This shirt that every Something Rotten fan hates to love and loves to hate.

Get it here for $24.80.

32. This card to send your favorite fellow theater/Les Mis nerd.

Get it here for $3.

33. This romantic pillow scene from An American in Paris.

Get it here for $19.84.

34. And this t-shirt that basically defines you.

Get it here for $24.80.

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