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These Are The Products That Have Been Trending On Amazon This Week

Some of these products = actually useful. Other ones = actually WUT.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of products called "Movers and Shakers," which is pretty much just fancy-talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

Some of these trending products are really smart and useful, and some of them are honestly just weird AF. This roundup includes a little bit of everything, from the coolest and most practical products to the most predictable, the most WTF, and ones with the best [read: dumbest] reviews.

Just FYI, some of the reviews in this post have been minimally edited for length and spelling.

1. This kitty-ear beauty band that keeps your hair out of the way while you wash your face, do makeup, or take a shower ($5.88).

2. These sex dice that help instruct you and your partner (or your roasted chicken) on how to be intimate ($5.49).

3. This Daniel Bryan Funko Pop! toy that will calm the sadness of his retirement ($15.77)

Sadly, the toy does not scream loudly at you.

Find it here.

4. This dummy camera that tricks people into thinking they're being watched ($7.99).

5. This aromatherapy mist diffuser that will help you relax wherever you go ($25.99).

6. This Indigi Wi-Fi-enabled outdoor video recorder with waterproof case and mounting accessories ($69.94).

7. This Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Plug that allows you to control appliances even when you're not home ($19.99).

This plug allows you to turn an appliance on or off from anywhere using a smartphone and a corresponding app. It's perfect for things like Christmas trees, or for turning on a light in your window when you're away from home.

Find it here.

8. These horrifying chicken socks that will give you nightmares forever ($12.50).

9. This stylish backpack that has a built-in protective pocket for you laptop ($38.99).

Find it here.

10. These herb scissors that Barbara loves to use for making Pico de Gallo ($9.99).

11. Sorel Joan of Arctic boots that will keep your toes so toasty ($109.99–$219.95).

12. A 5-pack of Hanes underwear that will keep your junk protected (price depends on size).

13. This dual USB charger and nightlight combo that allows you to charge two devices at once ($10.99).

The light will automatically go off as the sun rises, but you can turn the light on or off manually if you choose.

Find it here.

14. This Fisher-Price sleeper that is great for babies with acid reflux ($36.54).

15. This complex romance novel, Lost in a Thug's Love, on Kindle ($0.99).

16. This snail repair intensive ampoule/serum that is apparently a miracle for your face ($10.69).

17. This waterproof bag for your phone ($5.99).

It also comes with a lanyard. Perfect for vacations or general sucky weather.

Find it here.

18. Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band that monitors your daily performance ($49.99).

You can purchase it either with or without a heart rate monitor. Also, it's literally so easy to use that a 10-year-old left this review:

Find it here.

19. These lawn aerator shoe straps that fit over any shoes and are not gender-specific, damn it ($24.99).

Find them here.

20. Poo-Pourri toilet spray for the fart-heavy people of the world ($24.99).

21. Dove chocolate heart tin that your lover will only maybe appreciate ($12.74).

Obviously this is timely given that some people are desperately trying to prepare for Valentine's Day. Not sure if ordering chocolate through the mail is a great call, but that's none of my business.

Find it here.

22. IHOP gift cards that buy you pancakes at IHOP ($25.00).

23. A generic MacBook Pro charger By HyMarq that also comes with an iPad/iPhone compatible USB cable ($37.99).

24. Lucky Peach's 101 Easy Asian Recipes cookbook that is highly recommended for beginners ($23.19).

From Peter Meehan, one of the brilliant minds behind Momofuku!

Find it here.

25. This Acer 24-inch LED monitor that's especially useful for gaming or home offices ($131.77)

It gets pretty consistently high rated reviews, but the speaker quality is often cited as a problem.

Find it here.

26. Princess perfume by Vera Wang that is WAY cheaper than usual ($23.20).

27. 25-pack of Japanese cotton pads that can be used on your face or in your vaporizer ($6.39).

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