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This Is What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

People love pizza and cute stuff this week. And every week. Forever.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of products called β€œMovers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

OMG you guys, people are just buying TOTALLY ADORABLE STUFF! The end!

1. This pool float that will turn any pool day into a pizza party ($31.90).

Most promising review: "This inflatable pizza has it all! Pepperoni? Check! Two cup holders? Check! Headrest? Check! Floating ability? Check! What more could you ask for?" β€”Shanna Devine

Get it here.

2. This lil' kitty-cat Post-it Note holder that will keep you company on your desk ($6).

Most promising review: "This was given to me as a gift, and it absolutely made my day. What an adorable companion for my desk! My Post-It Notes have never been dispensed in such a cute way before. It's now impossible for me to have a bad day at work. It's just puuuurrrrfect." β€”Brandy Lee

Get it here.

3. This fabric transfer paper made for ink-jet printers that allows you to customize your own clothes or bags ($6.99).

Most promising review: "I bought these to make a onesie for my pregnancy announcement. It turned out great! I have washed all of my designs once and they are still there." β€”Jerra Skeen

Get a pack of six sheets here.

4. This Funky Veg Kit that will help you start a garden and grow amazing things like purple carrots and red Brussels sprouts ($18.99).

Most promising review: "I bought a few starter kits from Plant Theater and really couldn't be happier. I planted the seeds from all of them a week ago, and half of them have already sprouted and are growing well. I'm a newbie gardener (really green, hah, get it?), and the kits were easy and fun with good instructions." β€”snipe

Get it here.

5. These lovely tea infusers that look like leaves, which is *so meta* because it's a leaf steeping other leaves, you guys ($1.97).

Most promising review: "Overall, I really like this infuser. The two halves fit together very snugly yet it is still so easy to open. The long stem makes it easy to grab and pull out of my teapot and the silicone makes it easy to clean. As a bonus, I love the little dish that comes with it." β€”Anna

Get them here in different colors.

6. This Tour de Pizza slicer that we would all be better off owning ($23.95).

Most promising review: "This is the coolest pizza cutter, period. Looks exactly like the photo and is an amazing piece that is both functional and conversational. Best part of the pizza cutter is the wheel rack it comes with. Set the bike back on the rack and enjoy the sheer awesomeness of a bicycle pizza cutter." β€”Benjamin

Get it here.

7. These comfy, cushioned, extremely cute black sandals that are secretly Crocs ($20 to $29.95)!

Most promising review: "I have ordered two pairs of these shoes. I absolutely love them. I'm 24, active, and have terribly padded feet. I've worn these for a week in NYC. They're so comfortable and even cute! People can't believe they're Crocs." β€”Jthames

Get them here.

8. These suspenders for your bedsheets so they won't slide off and drive you insane anymore ($8.99).

Most promising review: "I love these! I move a lot in my sleep and every single morning I'd wake up to my sheets halfway torn off my bed. But now with these I NEVER have that problem. Probably the best thing ever." β€”Stacia Larsen

Get it here.

9. This 3-in-1 avocado slicing tool that will keep you from accidentally stabbing your hand ($9.95).

Most promising review: "I eat an avocado a day in an attempt to trick myself into believing that I eat healthy so I can double down on dessert, and let me tell you this little product is as great as it claims. And yes, it's designed well enough you won't risk the fingers of any little kids or drunk adults who want 2 a.m. guacamole." β€”Nathan Rasmussen

Get it here.

10. This heated shiatsu back and neck massager that mimics the feel of a real massage while allowing the user to adjust the pressure themselves ($39.99).

Most promising review: "Excellent product. Pretty intense, but I love it. As soon as I tried it out I bought another one for my daughter and son-in-law. Feels like a shiatsu massage, but costs less than a single session and you can use it over and over." β€”Julian Sapirstein

Get it here.

11. This adorable Jon Snow Funko Pop figurine that really captures his likeness before he maybe-died ($9.60).

Most promising review: "This started my collection of Pop figures and I honestly can't stop. My favorite part about Jon is that he's literally shorter than all of my other figures, which means the creators kept in mind that Kit Harrington is fairly short. Love it." β€”Joe Hayes

Get it here.

12. These beautiful postcard stamps that you probably had no idea you could get on Amazon ($11.70).

Most promising review: "I was actually having a hard time finding postcard stamps anywhere. I wanted to send out a nice postcard to all of our family and friends, so this design really polished the look and served its purpose perfectly." β€”Lizzle K

Get them here, but remember they are POSTCARD stamps, so they will not work for normal snail mail. Do not try to send your rent using these stamps!

13. This color-changing, Bluetooth-enabled alarm clock that can stream music from your devices ($58).

Most promising review: "So glad I got this clock! It looks fantastic and the colored lights are very sexy! You can turn them off for sleeping and even adjust the brightness of the clock display. I love that I can charge my phone from it. The Bluetooth link to my iPhone is incredibly reliable. I can queue up a song that I want to wake to before bed and can choose if I want the clock to light up on waking. When it's time to get up, it softly lights the room then plays my song (at the volume I chose)." β€”Colorado Chick

Get it here.

14. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker that has a suction cup so you can easily bring it in the bath or shower ($15.99).

Most promising review: "I love this speaker. Works great my kids love it as well. Listening to music in the shower is a must and the sound quality is amazing." β€”Tonya

Get it here.

15. These vibrant Kate Spade earrings that are on super sale and come in a few color options ($22.99).

Most promising review: "I can't get over how gorgeous these are! Bought them to give as a gift, but now I'm not so sure I won't keep them for myself!" β€”Stephanie

Get them here.

16. These blue anchor Dockers shorts that will make you feel like a real-life yacht-owning fancy person ($24.99).

Most promising review: "Very nice material, solid without being heavy, and soft to the touch. Great for golf." β€”RB

Get them here.

17. The Inspiralized cookbook, which has tons of healthy and creative recipes ($11.89).

Most promising review: "From the moment I flipped through this cookbook I wanted to try each and every recipe! Each recipe is written very clear and easy to understand. I am able to find the ingredients at my local grocery store but Ali also lists alternatives, which I like. The photos are beautiful!" β€”Katherine

Get it here.

18. This Time magazine commemorative edition that is a tribute to Prince's life and legacy ($13.49).

Most promising review: "A wonderful tribute edition of fabulous photographs, interviews and articles about Prince. Some of the great photographs here have rarely or never been seen. Some great background about the film 'Purple Rain,' a tour of Prince's 'castle,' tributes and lots of info about his songs. A must get for any Prince fans!" β€”Wulfstan

Get it here.

19. This popular deep pore cleansing clay mask that has been reviewed and praised over 8,000 times on Amazon ($9.23).

Most promising review: "Love this product! It really does deep clean your pores. As other reviewers have said, you can actually feel it tightening your skin! You do have to be careful with removal so you won't clog your drain, but I never have a problem." β€”Heather Shearer

Get it here.

20. This drying lotion that is much safer and more effective than popping the shit out of your pimples ($17).

Most promising review: "This is my holy grail of face care products. I don't have perfect skin and I never will. But when I do get a pimple I put this on after my bath and leave it on overnight and it has drastically reduced in size. I will never be without it." β€”BHS

Get it here.

21. This pack of Burt's Bees products that are specifically for taking care of your hands and feet ($11.89).

Most promising review: "I've brought many of these sets as gifts as well as a set to pamper myself. This kit is GREAT. Perfect way to try out several Burt's Bees for an amazing price." β€”Suki

Get it here.

22. This super-cute whale bath spout cover that's intended for kids but let's be real, we all want one ($12.99).

Most promising review: "I'm really happy with this. It provides a good amount of protection and hooks on securely enough that my little ninja-locksmith hasn't been able to liberate it." β€”Weiss

Get it here.

23. This paper photography backdrop that is an excellent way to up your Instagram food photography game ($13).

Most promising review: "The paper looks great! It's a little thin, so I used spray adhesive and applied it to a board. Very economical way to get a variety of backgrounds! Definitely recommend!" β€”Cindy B.

Get it here.

24. This puzzle that literally just looks like delicious old-school garbage food ($12.29).

Most promising review: "I have two of these retro puzzles now and really enjoy putting them together. The different colors make it more fun as well as remembering all the products on them. The pieces fit together nicely and are of good quality." β€”Carey

Get it here.

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