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19 Inexpensive Ways To Upgrade Things You Already Own

Lemme upgrade ya.

Andrew Richard/BuzzFeed

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1. Upgrade a plain sweater or sturdy T-shirt with sew-on jewels that you can actually just glue.

2. Upgrade your plain white curtains with a simple paint job.

You'll need:

Black fabric paint


Trash bag to line the floor

Get the tutorial here.

3. Add pom-pom trim to your favorite blanket.

You'll need:

Pom-pom trim

Fabric glue


Get the tutorial here.

4. Upgrade any color fabric chair with painted accents.

5. Upgrade solid magazine holders with a Sharpie and craft paint.

6. Upgrade any tabletop with marble contact paper.

You'll need:

Marble contact paper

Scissors or an Xacto knife

Measuring tape

Get the tutorial for the table on the left here.

7. Upgrade plain glasses with gold adhesive vinyl.

You'll need:

Gold adhesive vinyl

Get the tutorial here.

8. Upgrade plain shoes with flat-back pyramid studs.

9. Upgrade your plain dresser drawers with leather pulls.

You'll need:

Bronze nails

Leather scraps

Get the tutorial here.

10. Upgrade literally any piece of Ikea furniture (or even your walls) with O'verlays.

You just glue them on and voilà!

Get them here.

11. Upgrade your couch with tufting.

You'll need:

A 10- to 12-inch tufting needle

Tufting twine

Fabric buttons (these ones match Ikea furniture)

Get the tutorial here.

12. Upgrade your heels with lace.

Kollabora/BuzzFeed / Via

13. Upgrade boring walls with removable wallpaper that is renter-friendly and reusable

Wallflora Shop on Etsy has some incredible printed removable wallpaper. Get the gray print here and the greenery print here.

14. Upgrade your dishwasher or refrigerator with stick-on steel contact sheets.

You can buy the steel contact sheets here and check out the tutorial here.

15. Upgrade plain chairs using fabric paint and paracord.

You don't have to paint your chairs, but if you do, you'll need:

1/8-inch Paracord

Fabric medium

White paint



Needle and thread (will depend on the color paracord you use)

Click here to get the tutorial.

16. Upgrade your kitchen utensils by painting or dip-dying them.

You'll need:


Craft paint

Painter's tape


Get the tutorial here. It's a bit vague, but you basically just tape around the handle, sand it down a little, paint it, shellac it, and let it dry.

17. Upgrade your end tables, coffee tables, or even dining room tables with these decorative corner brackets.

They even come with nails, so all you'll need is a hammer.

Get them here.

18. Upgrade your dressers with drawer pulls.

Get the tutorial for copper pipe drawer pulls here, or just shop drawer pulls and knobs here.

19. Upgrade any plain glass vase with enamel paint.

You'll need:

PermEnamel paint

Foam brushes

Get the tutorial here. It calls for surface conditioner, which is really optional.