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22 Cheap Sofas That Actually Look Expensive

Everything is under $600 and nothing is from Ikea.

1. This tufted linen mid-century modern beauty with wooden legs.

2. This sectional sofa with a chaise that can be configured for the left or right side.

3. This playful purple couch that adds a pleasant pop of color.

4. This sleek black faux-leather couch that has a sturdy wood frame.

5. This light grey two-seater that has a very clean silhouette.

6. This tufted fold-down sleeper sofa that's a great option for anyone who has frequent houseguests.

7. This purple velour fold-down sleeper that has a bold vintage appeal.

8. This three-seater sofa with curved armrests.

9. This velvet scroll arm sofa that creates a classic and sophisticated look.

10. This faux leather sectional sofa that has adjustable headrests and a sleek, modern feel.

11. This retro inspired sofa that has a rustic feel.

12. This fold-down sleeper sofa that is made with tweed fabric.

Price: $399.99

Colors: taupe and grey.

Length: 84"

13. This white sleeper sofa with gold detailing that is elegant and sophisticated without being stiff.

Price: $549

Colors: white.

Length: 72"

14. This brown faux-leather sofa that has scroll arms and a library vibe.

15. This rounded sofa that converts into a floor-level mattress just begging to be covered in cozy blankets and pillows.

Price: $479

Colors: grey.

Length: 61"

16. This basic but versatile sofa that folds down into a bed.

17. This elegant white sofa that can stand up to any type of decor.

18. This bonded leather sofa that looks like it belongs in a fancy study.

19. These gorgeous tufted sofas that make any space look classy and pulled together.

20. This extremely plush sofa that you'll just want to sink into after a long day.

21. These convertible sofas with classic piping detail.

Price: $359.99

Colors: black, chocolate and mocha.

Length: 72'

Find the tufted version here in a variety of colors at the same price.

22. This bold faux-leather couch that folds down easily into a bed for guests.

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