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21 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Makeup-cleaning machines and matcha Kit Kats? Yes, please!

Psst! Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often. Here are 21 of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

1. A mini refrigerator that you can write passive-aggressive notes to your roommate on, or use responsibly for grocery lists.

"This is the perfect fridge for a college dorm. I like that the freezer is separate and there is a lot of room. And the bonus is, I get to have all my friends sign it when they come over." β€”E. Mitchell

Price: $190.99

2. This humongous pool float for when you just (tou)CAN'T even deal with the heat.

Customer Image / Via

"This toucan float is SO ENORMOUS! Any adult or child will be dwarfed by this pool float. You can get several children on it and adults as well as it holds up to 400 lbs. The neck even has handles." β€”Some Sweet Girl- could be Wonder Woman!

Price: $49.99

3. A "Kitty Pass" pet door that lets your feline friends travel freely between rooms.

"Love this. I hate my wife's cat but it made my wife pretty happy that the cat can come into our bedroom at will now and claw the dogs while they sleep. It's sturdy and gets the job done. I hate that cat but his door is pretty cool." β€”03XX

Price: $41.96

4. A Belgian waffle iron with deep ridges that will ensure you get maximum crispiness throughout.

"We are so enjoying our waffle maker. Very easy to make and clean, and like the fact that it stands up when you store it so it doesn't take a lot of space." β€”JT Gould

Price: $39.66

5. A Luna Lovegood Funko Pop! figurine that comes complete with radish earrings and a spider ring.

"Little Luna is perfect. The paint job is spot on with no imperfections. She even has her little radish earrings. She came on time and was packaged safely. Love her, she's probably my new favorite in my collection." β€”Rachel

Price: $8.79

6. An eight-piece set of nonstick enamel pots and pans that is an efficient way to stock your first kitchen.

"This set is a great starter set. Moved into a new apartment and they were a perfect purchase. The cookware that came with it was nice too. The different sizes were sufficient and the non stick coating is good. Don't use any non-plastic utensils [as it would scrape the surface coating]." β€”Polly Cochran

Price: $99.99

7. A tapestry that will turn your room into a bohemian hideaway.

"Huge (in a good way!) and gorgeously detailed! Great as a room accent, bed decor, or curtain!" β€”C. Higgins

Price: $10.99

8. A broom holder that will keep all your cleaning tools organized in one easy-to-access place.

"Very secure and holds six regular mop handles plus has six loops for other items. It comes with six screws and anchors so it is very securely affixed to the wall. Great product for the price." β€”Alexandria Jackson

Price: $11.99

9. A night-light projector that creates an oceanic pattern on your ceiling with a variety of colors.

"Wow, Wow, Wow. This is such a cool thing! We got it for my son's room as a cool night light, but let me just say I do sneak this into my room sometimes because it's so pretty and relaxing. The colors are fantastic. The lights come in different colors and patterns that morph while you watch." β€”AustinRina

Price: $19.99

10. A bag of delicious Japanese matcha-flavored Kit Kats.

"These things are delicious. Green tea and crunchy Kit Kat cookie makes for a wonderful experience. Not only that, but the service from this vendor is superb. I received a handwritten note with origami shuriken with my package and it made my day." β€”Jaredub

Price: $4.98

11. A set of eight colorful cable clips that will help you manage your tangled mess of cords.

"My devices and cords are finally organized! At my work desk I have cords for my phone, tablet, laptop, desk phone, lamp, and computer. It has always been a jumbled mess of cords, but then I ordered these cable clips and they finally helped organize my desk." β€”Kendra

Price: $9.99

12. A set of the most perfect lip balms in the world.

"I really like the way that this balm feels on my lips. I go through lip balm like nobody's business, and my lips are always dry and peeling. This stuff makes them really soft and smooth." β€”L. Kennedy

Price: $14.82

13. Wait, maybe these ones are the most perfect!

"This lip balm smells amazing and is really moisturizing. I like it on its own or over lipsticks that are drying." β€”sweetd402

Price: $12.94

14. A 16-pack of Korean face masks that will hydrate the hell out of your face.

"I adore these masks, my skin always feels completely smooth, soft and is noticeably brighter. Some are great for soothing others have a nice tightening feel and others are perfect for the morning with their cooling compounds. All are very gentle which is a huge bonus, I have sensitive skin and I've never had a problem!" β€”Christine

Price: $8.99

15. An exfoliating towel scrubber thingy that will get to those hard-to-reach spots on your back when you're in the shower.

"This is a great loofah! I would highly recommend it to anyone. The long straps make it very convenient to reach the back and shoulders without being awkward and uncomfortable. I got one for myself and even the hubby. You know that its good when the hubby wants one." β€”SB Helm

Price: $13.99

16. A waterproof pillow for the bathtub so that you don't have to strain your neck or back while you're trying to relax.

"This is the most amazing bath pillow I have ever used. The suctions cups stick to the back of the tub and the pillow is soft as an angel's wings. I have almost drowned five times because the pillow is so comfortable I keep falling asleep in the tub. Would only recommend if you want to take the most relaxing bath ever!" β€”Brian Allan

Price: $10.50

17. A bottle of Poo-Pourri that hides the smell of your gross farts and poops, unless of course they smell like roses, in which case you are lying to yourself.

"This product not only made pooping more exciting, it also rescued my marriage from the blaming and the name calling." β€”Felix

Price: $9.99

18. A makeup brush–cleaning device that would make life SO MUCH EASIER for makeup addicts.

"This cleanser is very easy to use. All you need to do is fill the bottom part of the capsule with soap and water, place six to 12 brushes into the appropriate holders, hit the start button, and let the device take care of the rest. I have used this while watching TV, with the machine plugged in the other room, and it is not a noisy machine. It saves time and it's exactly like a dishwasher, but for your makeup brushes." β€”Sara M

Price: $149

19. A set of acne- and blackhead-extracting tools that anyone who loves picking at their face should invest in.

These tools won't leave scars, unlike popping pimples improperly with your hands.

"I love it. This is exactly what I needed. I have always had problems with blackheads at the corners of my nostrils, and these helped clear them out. My husband also likes these because they hurt way less than attacking the acne with fingers or nails." β€”BunnyFooFoo

Price: $13.47

20. A quill pen set that any Harry Potter fan would be thrilled to bring with them once they get their Hogwarts letter.

"I have always had an interest in writing more cursive and especially using an older style instrument like a quill pen. This package has helped to make the whole process interesting and fun." β€”C. Schrader

Price: $33.99

21. A handle attachment that makes it easier to carry the popular (and enormous) 30-ounce Yeti Tumbler and other similarly sized cups.

"Bought this handle for my husbands tumbler and we absolutely love it. It fits great, doesn't slip and makes it so much more easy to handle that giant cup." β€”Tina C.

Price: $26.99

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