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21 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Makeup-cleaning machines and matcha Kit Kats? Yes, please!

Psst! Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often. Here are 21 of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

1. A mini refrigerator that you can write passive-aggressive notes to your roommate on, or use responsibly for grocery lists.

2. This humongous pool float for when you just (tou)CAN'T even deal with the heat.

3. A "Kitty Pass" pet door that lets your feline friends travel freely between rooms.

4. A Belgian waffle iron with deep ridges that will ensure you get maximum crispiness throughout.

5. A Luna Lovegood Funko Pop! figurine that comes complete with radish earrings and a spider ring.

6. An eight-piece set of nonstick enamel pots and pans that is an efficient way to stock your first kitchen.

7. A tapestry that will turn your room into a bohemian hideaway.

8. A broom holder that will keep all your cleaning tools organized in one easy-to-access place.

9. A night-light projector that creates an oceanic pattern on your ceiling with a variety of colors.

10. A bag of delicious Japanese matcha-flavored Kit Kats.

11. A set of eight colorful cable clips that will help you manage your tangled mess of cords.

12. A set of the most perfect lip balms in the world.

13. Wait, maybe these ones are the most perfect!

14. A 16-pack of Korean face masks that will hydrate the hell out of your face.

15. An exfoliating towel scrubber thingy that will get to those hard-to-reach spots on your back when you're in the shower.

16. A waterproof pillow for the bathtub so that you don't have to strain your neck or back while you're trying to relax.

17. A bottle of Poo-Pourri that hides the smell of your gross farts and poops, unless of course they smell like roses, in which case you are lying to yourself.

18. A makeup brush–cleaning device that would make life SO MUCH EASIER for makeup addicts.

19. A set of acne- and blackhead-extracting tools that anyone who loves picking at their face should invest in.

20. A quill pen set that any Harry Potter fan would be thrilled to bring with them once they get their Hogwarts letter.

21. A handle attachment that makes it easier to carry the popular (and enormous) 30-ounce Yeti Tumbler and other similarly sized cups.

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