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    36 Ways To Make Your Home Look Like An “After” Shot On HGTV

    Ready, set, redecorate.

    1. Want to feel like you're at a fancy spa every time you step into your shower? Use these reusable dispenser bottles that come with labels and the necessary wall-mounting supplies to give your bathroom a uniform, high-end look.

    Reviewer's shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles are shown on the wall of a shower

    2. One of the easiest ways to give your living space an upgrade is through soft accessories like pillows and throws. Consider this 100% cotton boho throw for draping over sofas and chairs.

    3. Black metal is a material you always see on the "after" shots on HGTV, and it's mostly through lighting and kitchen hardware. This wall-mounted sconce that plugs into an electrical outlet is a great way to get that look without the hefty price tag of a costly sconce that requires an electrician to install.

    Reviewer's black wall mounted sconce is shown in a living room corner

    4. If you want to achieve a farmhouse aesthetic, this 100% jute rug is a great place to start. Natural rugs — jute, sisal, seagrass, etc. — are super soft underfoot and easy to spot clean.

    Reviewer's circular rug is shown in the dining room

    5. Give your space a new scent with a flannel candle that'll channel autumn and winter vibes. It's a soft but bold fragrance with notes of vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, amber, tonka, smokey woods, and musk. And let's be honest: The whole aesthetic of this candle is *chef's kiss*. It just looks so...clean.

    The lit candle sits on a magazine next to a big feather

    6. If you want to add some texture and pattern to your space, do it with a set of three modern pillow covers that are all different designs that work together super well. The neutral tones mean they look good year-round, too!

    7. Give your stairs a major upgrade by using a set of removable tile decals. They come in a roll just like tape, so you slap them on your risers and — boom! — you're done.

    The stair riser stickers in beige and white are shown applied to a set of stairs

    8. Move over, fiddle-leaf figs! There's a new fave in town. If you've opened a design magazine or turned on HGTV lately, you probably have seen an olive tree or two strategically placed somewhere. Use this faux olive tree to achieve the same look, minus the maintenance of a live one.

    Reviewer's faux olive tree is in a living room

    9. Give your dining room a makeover with a pair of Louis XVI–style dining chairs for ultimate Parisian vibes. Trust me, this style of chair usually goes for thousands of dollars a pop, but these particular ones are a set of two for between $200 and $300. This is a great deal if you're loving this look.

    10. Make old furniture look new with a budget-friendly DIY project. Use this damask-pattern peel-and-stick wallpaper to add new life to an old dresser or nightstand.

    11. Make your living room or den look like something from a museum with a wireless library light. Each light is battery operated and controlled by a remote.

    12. Short on space but want to create a useful and beautiful focal point? This velvet-upholstered accent chair with an ottoman that slides right underneath it will do the trick. Its compact size means it's great for homes that have limited space.

    Reviewer's chair is in a corner of a room and a tiny dog is standing on it

    13. Love art and watching TV? Don't have enough wall space for both? Get a Samsung TV that'll disguise itself as an elegant picture frame when it's not in use. The art available in the preinstalled app is collected from various time periods (575 CE to 2021) and includes Ancient, Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionism, Postimpressionism, and Contemporary art.

    A BuzzFeed editor's TV hung alongside art

    14. Create a gallery wall with a set of eight framed pieces of art in various sizes. The themed art will create a cohesive look without being too matchy. Bonus: This kit comes with a sheet of paper that shows popular layout options, so you don't have to spend hours going, "OK, so where should THIS one go?!??!?!"

    Reviewer's bedroom shows the prints above a small sofa

    15. Use this super-thin electric fireplace that's designed to mount directly on the wall — no construction required — to add ambience to your living space. It comes with a remote control that lets you adjust the flame colors and speed and set a timer.

    Reviewer's faux fireplace is placed on a living room wall

    16. If you have a bathroom with outdated cabinet pulls or knobs, consider swapping them out for something that's on trend yet timeless, like these black matte-steel cabinet pulls. If you rent, simply put the old ones in a shoebox or bag under the sink so you can swap them back in when it's time to move out.

    17. Want to give the illusion of someone who thrifts or antiques like it's their job? Try this set of nine unique votive holders that come with a wooden display tray. People will be very impressed by your "curation."

    Reviewer's votive set with tray is displayed outside on a wooden table

    18. Your amazing collections of books, photos, candles, and succulents deserve a gorgeous display case that doesn't cost a fortune, so try this metal-and-wood wall-mounted ladder bookcase because it checks all those boxes. I actually have these in my own house, and because they mount to the wall they feel extra sturdy.

    Two of the ladder shelves in brown and black are next to each other

    19. Update the space above your kitchen island or dining area with a pendant light with major mid-century modern vibes. It comes in a variety of colors, so there's really something for everyone.

    Reviewer's chandelier is shown close up

    20. Bump up the class with an extremely posh Diana the Huntress bust. It's 12" tall and can be used as an art piece or, you know, somewhere to place your sunglasses when you're not wearing them.

    21. Want to add instant glamour to any room? This set of two gold lamps will do the trick. And they come with light bulbs, so that's one less thing for you to do.

    Reviewer's lamp sits on a nightstand

    22. Add a peel-and-stick subway tile backsplash to your kitchen to create a more finished look. These are extra great if you're a renter — they don't damage the wall at all if you ever need to remove them.

    Reviewer's kitchen before and after installing the kitchen tiles

    23. Your pampered pooch deserves the world, and a good place to start is with a designated jar specifically for their treats. Because this one says "woof" on it, it'll never be mistaken for a cookie jar.

    24. It's important to have a dedicated space if you do any work from home, but sometimes that's difficult if you have limited square footage. Try this small writing desk with a side pocket for getting tasks done without taking up too much space. There are nine wood finishes available, but this particular brown gives it an expensive reclaimed wood look.

    The small home writing desk in 47 inches and brown

    25. If you need a chair that pulls double duty — aka something that is an office chair and also a side chair for your living space — this velvet statement chair is a good choice. It's super glam, and reviewers say you can sit in it for eight-plus hours without becoming uncomfortable.

    Reviewer's pink velvet chair for their desk

    26. A well-organized fridge is such a feast for the eyes, and this set of fridge organization labels that has a ton of font, size, and color options is the perfect way to achieve that look.

    27. If you want a coffee table that's trendy *and* timeless, consider a faux-marble coffee table that uses the two most popular finishes right now: marble and brass.

    Reviewer's picture of the marble-top round table with gold legs

    28. Booze can have beautiful bottles and glassware should be shown off, which is why you should get this compact round glass and gold bar cart. This small but mighty cart has racks for bottles or stemware underneath the top shelf, built-in storage for three bottles on the bottom shelf, and casters that can lock when you're done moving it around.

    Reviewer's bar cart sits in the corner of a dining room and is holding various liquor bottles and barware

    29. When it comes to blocking out sunlight, you don't need to sacrifice aesthetics for practicality. A panel of these velvet blackout curtains will do the trick, all while looking fantastic.

    30. Keep things organized and pretty with a brass and aged-leather storage rack and hooks. Cleaning supplies never looked so good.

    The brass hanger and hook is displayed on a wall

    31. Use peel-and-stick removable wallpaper to create a faux-reclaimed-wood accent wall for a fraction of the price of installing costly real wood. Simply cut the paper to your wall's size and stick on. It's really that easy.

    Reviewer's bedroom shows the faux wood wallpaper on the wall

    32. Make sure you're cocktailing in style with this 24-piece cocktail set. There's a lot of pieces to this set, and each one has a special place in the holder, so you won't have to sift through a drawer looking for the corkscrew next time you want to crack open a bottle of vino.

    Reviewer's bar set is shown

    33. Want a beaded chandelier but without spending a small fortune? Try this beaded bohemian chandelier. It's also quite big, so if you have tall ceilings or a big room, it'll fill out the space nicely and to scale.

    34. One of the best ways to give your bathroom a major upgrade without spending a ton of money is to swap out old and tired lighting for new pieces. This farmhouse-inspired three-lamp wall sconce will do the trick.

    Reviewer's lighting is hung above a mirror in the bathroom

    35. Feel as pampered at home as you do at the salon with this dreamy vanity. It's perfect as-is, but A LOT of reviewers line the back of it with LED strip lights to take the glam to the next level.

    Reviewer's vanity is in a bedroom

    36. Have a bathroom that's a little too funky? Cover up your unsightly tub with a gorgeous shower curtain designed by Justina Blakeney, the bona fide queen of bohemian interior design.

    The shower curtain covered in a leafy pattern is shown in a bathroom

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