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    50 Things To Help You Solve The Mystery Of How To Organize Your Home

    There's literally something for everything on this list.

    1. A do-it-all toothbrush holder and dispenser that keeps all your teeth cleaning essentials handy and organized. It really goes the extra mile — the toothpaste squeeze makes sure every last drop of gets pushed out of the tube, and there are ventilation holes where the cups go so they dry properly. And you'll have so much extra countertop space because it mounts to the wall.

    the white wall mounted toothbrush holder

    2. An upholstered storage ottoman with hairpin legs to give your place a mid-century modern vibe. Not only will this store stuff like candles, blankets, and more, but the lid can be flipped over to create a table.

    A gold hairpin legged blush pink velvet ottoman with a removable lid
    BuzzFeed editor flipping the top of the ottoman to show the storage and the table top underneath
    Amazon, Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed editor Emma Lord has and looooves this ottoman:

    "I recently got one of these for my new apartment to stash my candles and ~candle accessories~ in and it's pretty much become my favorite piece of furniture?? I use it to prop up my feet during work hours and sometimes if I want to eat on my couch I'll use it as a tray. It's also sturdy enough to sit on, if I ever wanted to have guests over and needed an extra chair. It was RIDICULOUSLY easy to set up — I had it done in less than 10 minutes, and probably didn't even need the directions. It also just looks so darn cute (and comes in so many colors that I'm tempted to buy another!)."

    Promising review: "I was using a small foldable step stool in my bedroom to reach the top shelves of my wardrobe. But you know, those things aren’t pretty. It wasn’t bringing me joy, just begrudging utility. This ottoman brings me joy. It’s pretty, it’s lightweight so I can move it easily to use it as a step stool, and the storage capacity is perfect for things like my nightly moisturizers, my Kindle and journals, and other little miscellaneous things." —Monica N.

    Get it from Amazon for $49.99+ (available in nine colors).

    3. A space-saving shower curtain for keeping all of your bathing necessities off your tub's rim and instead within arm's reach, no bending required. The nine pockets can hold hefty bottles, and thanks to being made of mesh, they drain and dry fairly quickly.

    4. A spice rack drawer organizer so your spices have their very own drawer instead of being scattered around your countertops and cabinets. It comes in a 10-foot roll that you cut to size, and provides enough length to organize 30-plus full-size bottles.

    5. However, if you have a kitchen so tiny that you have neither the cabinet, countertop, or drawer space for spices, try these magnetic shelves that will attach right to your fridge. Each one is deep enough to hold two rows of spice bottles.

    Reviewer's magnetic shelf is shown attached to a fridge

    6. An over-the-door rack if you're short on bathroom storage but not on towels. Now your extras don't need to take up valuable space in your linen closet — they can have a home of their own on the back of your door.

    7. A corner tool rack that'll hold everything from rakes and mops to hammers and brooms, all in the corner of your garage. And because it holds everything upright and separated, there's no risk of an entangled mess.

    8. A hair tool organizer if you use hot hair tools on the daily but are entirely out of places to store 'em. It sticks to any smooth, non-porous surface (like a toilet!), and is made out of heat-resistant silicone that can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees.

    reviewer showing a pink hot iron holder holding a flat iron that's plugged in

    9. A three-tier metal utility cart for organizing everything and anything. Craft supplies? Yes! Your makeup collection? Uh huh. You name it, this will organize it.

    reviewer's large amount of makeup stored on a rolling cart
    reviewer's blue utility cart with art supplies in it

    The cart comes with three bins you can hang on the side of the trays as well as removable tray dividers to keep things more orderly.

    Promising review: "This is such a great value! Super cute, quick and easy to assemble, even comes with a screwdriver. Generous-sized trays — this organizer can hold A LOT. I love the wheels; they make it so easy to move around. Very sturdy construction and the removable dividers were an unexpected and happy surprise. I bought this for makeup storage but I could see using this just about anywhere. Very pleased with this purchase!" —Rh121

    Get it from Amazon for $38.99+ (available in three colors).

    10. A pack of nonslip velvet hangers to give your closet a more cohesive look and free up some space. You'll be able to hang more garments since these are slimmer than traditional hangers. And since they're velvet, slippery clothes like silks or spaghetti straps won't slide off.

    11. A macramé produce hammock for storing your fruit in the most adorable way possible. It'll also keep your produce up and off the countertop, which will free up more space and help prevent food from getting moldy in a bowl.

    hanging fruit basket in a kitchen
    gif of model putting apples and oranges in the hanging basket
    KnappsKnots / Via Etsy

    Knapps Knots is a San Diego-based small business owned by Anastasia Knapp who is quite possibly making the cutest macrame and wood crafts you've ever seen.

    Promising review: "Absolutely loved it! Perfect if you have little counter space." —Jessi

    Get it from Knapps Knots on Etsy for $27.90+ (available in two sizes and 12 colors).

    12. A minimalist toilet paper canister made specifically to hold up to three extra rolls. Perfect for folks who have little to no extra storage space in their bathroom.

    Reviewer shows the canister without its lid, revealing the toilet paper that is stored inside
    Reviewer's canister is shown in a corner of a bathroom

    Promising review: "I replaced my 'open'-design spare toilet paper holder for this closed one. I’ve discovered the biggest source for dust in my bathroom is the nearly invisible fluff coming off the toilet paper; plus I don’t like the idea of the spare toilet paper sitting there collecting dust. It’s nice to have the spare rolls hidden rather than exposed too. This is a simple design that doesn’t scream out 'look at me.' Who wants their spare TP as part of the decor anyway. I bought the black one; it’s sort of unobtrusive classy." —Sassy and Oliver

    Get it from Amazon for $21.49 (available in six colors).

    13. A set of Shoe Slotz to double your shoe storage area. Instead of putting a pair of shoes side-by-side, this clever product stacks them on top of each other but with a protective barrier between each shoe so they don't get scuffed.

    A before and after photo of a organized shoe collection and an organized one
    Sally Elshorafa / BuzzFeed

    This product SAVED MY SHOES! I have an awkward set of built-in shelves in my closet, and it was the only place I wanted to put my shoes. As you can see from the before pic (above), it was a big mess; my shoes were piled on top of each other and getting really dirty. Traditional shoe caddies or boxes didn't really work because there's not much horizontal space, so I tried the Shoe Slotz. It fixed the problem perfectly! Because the design smartly stacks one shoe on top of the other, you save 50% of the space you'd normally use to store your shoes. 

    Promising review: "Confession time. I am a bit of a shoe fiend. These little shoe slots have allowed me to fit way more shoes in my closet shelving (yay!) AND having them organized like this keeps my shoes much nicer — since they aren't all scraping against each other. It also helps me remember which shoes I have — since they are all visible. :) The little heel stoppers pop out every so often when I am getting shoes, which is sort of annoying, but still a 5-star purchase." —MoniqueRamsey

    Get a set of six from Amazon for $22.95+ (also available in packs of 12).

    14. A heavy-duty shelving unit for your garage, so you'll finally have one singular place to hold all of your bulky items like small appliances or tool boxes (or, let's be honest, your latest haul from Costco). There's a weight capacity of 350 pounds per shelf! PER SHELF!

    15. A double-sided and portable nail polish organizer for 48 bottles. The dividers are adjustable, so you can make room for odd-shaped bottles and nail accessories like clippers and toe separators.

    16. A vinyl rack to show off your vinyl collection instead of shoving them in a cabinet. This handmade rack can hold up to 40 albums and is very pleasing to the eye.

    wooden vinyl rack with about 10 records resting on it
    back view of the wooden vinyl rack
    Cilpastore / Etsy

    Cilpastore is a small business based in Latvia that creates handmade vinyl holders, organizers, and home decor.

    Promising review: "Arrived beautifully! Simple design yet solid build and impeccable quality! Will definitely buy again if I need to expand my LP vinyl collection." —Jasrie

    Get it from Cilpastore on Etsy for $42.42 (available in four finishes).

    17. Some stackable clear drawers if you want to jump on the clear organizer trend that makes even the most mundane stuff look chic. Reviewers say that thanks to how thick the lucite is, they never yellow or get foggy with age.

    Reviewer's clear drawers under the sink hold sponges and rags

    18. A slide-out storage tower that fits into that empty space between your fridge and counter or wall. It has three shelves that can store everything from can foods to condiments to spices.

    19. A tiny outlet shelf for storing small electronic items like toothbrushes or shavers. It's also a great place to rest your phone if you want to jam out while you get ready in the morning.

    reviewer pic of outlet shelf with two electric toothbrushes stored on the shelf
    another reviewer pic with contact items and several other things stored on the outlet shelf

    Promising review: "The size of the platform is perfect for all purposes. Some similar items out there have a smaller platform. This one is perfect easy to install and I find it very useful. I use this for my Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom." —Jenna

    Get it from Amazon for $9+ (available in four colors). And check out a larger outlet shelf.

    20. A set of wall-mounted floating shelves to show off all your cool nicknacks or just provide you with extra storage space for your various lotions and potions.

    21. A pack of two transparent dividers so you can get the most out of the shelving in your closet. Sweaters, pants, T-shirts, and other foldable items can be sorted into specific areas instead of being piled into drawers.

    Reviewer's translucent dividers are shown in a closet

    22. An under-cabinet wineglass holder to show off all the stemware you've invested in. Glassware either takes up way too much space in your cabinet, or it's on display collecting dust. Thanks to this holder, neither will happen.

    Metal wire frame holding upside wine glasses

    23. A sturdy Command spray bottle mount so that your cleaning supplies don't take up any more room in your already overstuffed cabinets. Instead, keep your bottles within reach by attaching them to the wall. Oh, and each mount can hold up to 2.5 pounds!

    A reviewer's wall with eight spray bottles each mounted on one of these hangers

    24. An over-the-door hair tools holder with a holster specifically for your blow-dryer and brushes. You can store all your haircare needs in the least obvious place imaginable.

    The tool holder with brushes and toiletries on it

    25. A drawer organizer, because you deserve to open yours and actually see what's inside. The set comes with eight interlocking pieces, so you can configure the layout in a way that works for you.