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    24 Black-Owned Candle Brands That Need To Be On Your Radar

    These beauties smell as good as they look.

    1. Paige's Candle Co. creates absolutely stunning candles with complex scents that are incredibly unique. Because of founder and New York City native Paige Graham's upbringing and in an effort to give back to the communities and organizations that helped her in her creative passions at a young age, Paige donates proceeds and candle making classes to various nonprofit organizations in New York City.

    A candle with a beautiful label is shown

    2. Harlem Candle Company is a luxury home fragrance brand specializing in scented candles inspired by the richness of Harlem. The candles all come in beautifully designed glass jars that can be used as drinking glasses once the wax burns out and they are cleaned.

    3. One Eleven Candles infuses its candles with crystals that are specifically charged for certain events, like the full moon or astrological events. Each crystal is selected for a purpose and is charged with intention.

    A bunch of candles with crystals melted into the wax are shown

    4. Us and the Planet makes beautiful body candles in a variety of shapes and colors (some even shimmer!), including a mastectomy scar candle.

    Two candles with human forms are shown with mastectomy scars across the chest

    5. Lonéz Scents makes candles that display some complex truths about matters currently faced by Black and brown communities while encouraging self-care through the calming effects of burning a candle.

    A candle is displayed in a basket

    6. Posh Candle Co. creates lifestyle and statement soy candles in bold colors and typefaces. The company was founded with an aim to inspire woman to be their authentic self by using catchy sayings that have a positive impact and promote self-love.

    A gray candle is shown

    7. Dorothy B & Co. makes motivational and inspiration candles that elevate a space rather than overpowering it with its fragrance. These are a great get if you love candles but not the ones with a scent that quickly takes over a room.

    A travel tin candle is displayed

    8. Copper Wings Candle Co. aims to create cozy candles with cheeky slogans. Each candle uses a wood wick, which crackles and snaps for a soothing experience.

    9. Predominantly Black is a handmade home fragrance and candle company with chic monochromatic packaging. Founder Mya Sinquefield started making candles in her kitchen, and now has an entire warehouse in Los Angeles where she's based.

    A black candle with a white face vignette is shown

    10. Wicks Nola Candle Company is based right outside of New Orleans and all its scents are inspired by the iconic sights and smells of the city, from French Quarter beignets to the sweet magnolia of the Garden District.

    A travel set of candles is shown

    11. Delicate Wicks creates small batch soy wax candles with gentle and clean scents like rose mint and white peach and hibiscus.

    I hold the glass candle jar

    12. Joe + Monroe makes the most aesthetically pleasing candles ever. The signature collection is poured into concrete handmade vessels with bottom felt pads to protect your furniture, and the seasonal collection is poured into thick bottomed glass vessels that can be reused after the candle's done burning.

    A clay colored candle is shown on a rock

    13. NaturalAnnie Essentials makes scented soy candles inspired mostly by the tropics, but with some baked goods thrown in for good measure.

    14. Spoken Flames was started because founder Shavaun wanted to create a mindful sensory experience that helped folks destress. Each candle uses dual wood wicks and has a golden shimmer added to the wax for a calming experience.

    15. Bright Black Candles was created by husband-and-wife team Tiffany and Dariel along with the influence of their young daughter. They aim to honor the Black experience by creating candles that represents beauty, strength, joy, collectivism, and thriving.

    hand holding a candle in a solid black jar with a label on it that says "Salvador"

    16. Southern Elegance Candle Co. makes candles to remind everyone of our shared history and cultural experiences. The majority of the candles are named after cities and have scents that match the vibe of those places.

    BuzzFeed Shopping editor's picture of the candle on a table

    17. Shop Vibes By Lo is a homemade candle making company that creates eco-friendly seasonal candles with seriously delicious scents.

    A trio of candles is shown

    18. FORVR Mood is a candle company founded by YouTuber and beauty mogul Jackie Aina. With a goal to pamper and provide self-care for Black women, the candle collections are vast, and range from après-ski to Owambe. Each candle is absolutely stunning, from the packaging to the label to the actual scent.

    A box of candles is shown next to a pool

    19. Jay & Lynn Co. creates premium and luxury aromatherapy products for busy people who need to relax. Each candle uses a wood wick, so whenever you light it it will gently crackle and pop.

    A gold candle that says "No. 8" is shown

    20. House of 40 makes all-natural soy wax candles infused with essential oils for an aromatic escape. Each candle comes in a beautifully packaged box adorned with a black and white striped ribbon — perfect for gifting!

    A candle and its packaging is displayed

    21. Hyde & Park Co. makes androgynous scented candles in small batches. The packaging is chic — matte black vessels with black and white logos. They'd look good anywhere!

    cashmere scented candle in minimalist black jar

    22. Pretty Honest Candles has a wide range of candles and scents, but I'm particularly fond of the body candles because of the size inclusivity and gorgeous pastel colors.

    female body forms in various sizes candles in a range of colors

    23. Affirmation Effect is a husband-and-wife candle making team that creates candles to encourage self-confidence and expression.

    A candle with a flower next to it is shown

    24. CANDLESSENTIALS crafts coconut wax candles that come in packages that are embedded with seeds! You simply soak the packaging in water for a few minutes before planting it, and then boom! Wait for some beautiful wildflowers to grow.

    A candle and its packaging is shown