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    48 Pieces Of Furniture And Decor That Will Make Your House A Home

    2023 is the year of making your home your own.

    1. A quilted chenille floor pillow for creating impromptu seating for yourself or visitors. From nurseries to media rooms, these provide comfortable, versatile seating without sacrificing style. Plus, they stack when not in use.

    four square tufted floor pillows stacked on top of each other

    2. An armless office chair so you can finally sit comfortably cross-legged while you work. So many of us spend at least some time working from home, so make sure you have a versatile chair that lets you get into a position that works for you.

    3. A jewelry stand in the shape of a hand that can hold a lot of weight thanks to it being so sturdy. It looks dainty, but it's not, and reviewers remark their shock at just how many pieces it can hold with no problem.

    4. A metal canopy bed to give your bedroom a contemporary look. Because it's a platform bed, the frame does not require a boxspring for the mattress. And it's tall enough that you can store boxes underneath, which is great if you live in a place with limited storage.

    5. And a set of extra soft cooling bed sheets to go with your brand new bed! Nights spent under the covers will be so much nicer now thanks to this beloved bedding set (it has over 243,000 5-star reviews on Amazon).

    Reviewer's tan and white sheets on a bed
    close up of the sheets in white

    Sets come with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases (with only one pillowcase included in the Twin size). 

    Promising review: "These are the real deal!! I found them from a TikTok and my husband actually said after the first night, 'Let’s just replace all of our sheets with these, they’re so comfortable!' It’s a beautiful blue and white pattern. They wash well and breathe at night — I am always hot but these stayed cool. Definitely buying more!" —Julia Monroe

    Get it from Amazon for $26.97+ (available in sizes Twin—California King and 41 colors). 

    6. Oh! And also a set of satin pillowcases that not only look great but are wonderful at preventing hair breakage. The ultra-silky material is nonabrasive, so it'll be soft against problematic skin, too.

    A pair of emerald green pillowcases

    7. Some floating shelves to install in your bathroom for extra storage. Most bathrooms just have a few towel rods, so installing these will give you plenty of opportunities to show off your gorgeous candles, ceramics, and hand towels. Or just extra toilet paper — who knows!

    Brown floating shelves with white plant vases and green towels hanging below

    8. A bundle of 20 faux Calla Lily stems that look exactly like that real thing. Real bouquets are lovely, but sometimes, you want something that will last a little longer (and therefore will be less expensive).

    9. A minimalist-meets-industrial bookshelf to show off your collection of books or artfully display your favorite plants, tiny sculptures, and other important knickknacks. There are lots of color combinations and sizes available, so you're sure to find something that meets all your needs and fits perfectly in your home.

    The bookshelf in gold and white

    10. A multi-globe floor lamp with mid-century modern vibes for adding some grooviness to your home. Folks remark that it's really bright, which is great if you're the type of person who refuses to turn on the ceiling light (trust me, I get it).

    11. An upholstered storage ottoman to store stuff like candles, blankets, and more. The lid can be flipped over to create a table, which is perfect for those of us who love a multi-use piece of furniture!

    A gold hairpin legged blush pink velvet ottoman with a removable lid
    BuzzFeed editor flipping the top of the ottoman to show the storage and the table top underneath
    Amazon, Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "I was using a small foldable step stool in my bedroom to reach the top shelves of my wardrobe. But you know, those things aren’t pretty. It wasn’t bringing me joy, just begrudging utility. This ottoman brings me joy. It’s pretty, it’s lightweight so I can move it easily to use it as a step stool, and the storage capacity is perfect for things like my nightly moisturizers, my Kindle and journals, and other little miscellaneous things." —Monica N.

    Get it from Amazon for $54.99 (available in seven colors).

    12. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper if you want to upgrade your bathroom in a big way without the permanency of traditional wallpaper. Because it's peel-and-stick, simply peel it off when you want to remove it and it'll literally leave no trace behind.

    A bathroom's walls are covered in the Novogratz Constellations Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper in Frost

    13. A small, non-ticking alarm clock to wake you up without flashing lights. This small but mighty little guy is also battery powered, and has a built-in nightlight should you need it. We love an alarm clock that doesn't need to take up a precious electrical outlet.

    14. A printable Wi-Fi sign so you don't have to try to remember your router name and password every time a new person comes over. You download the file, so if you ever need to change your network's name or password you just edit the original copy and print a new sign.

    A sign that reads "welcome the wifi password is inmyhouse974" is shown

    15. A tufted headboard for adding a soft touch to your bedroom without investing in a completely upholstered (and therefore more expensive) bed frame. Because relaxing in bed isn't quite as comfy when your back is literally against the wall.

    Reviewer's white tufted headboard is shown in a bedroom

    16. A floral wall mural to add a big visual impact without breaking the bank. Very similar wallpapers are more than triple the price, and if you were to hire a muralist to do something like this it could cost thousands of dollars. Make it easy on yourself (and your wallet) by installing this one that comes in four easy-to-install panels.

    17. A privacy window film for turning any window into a rainbow factory. When the light hits it, your space will be covered in rainbows. And when the light isn't hitting it, it looks like ornate stained glass. This is a win-win. 

    Gif of light shining through the film causing rainbow patterns
    Reviewer's room's floor is covered in rainbows

    Promising review: "I can't tell you how surprised and delighted we were at the rainbow effect this film has. I bought it to make a window overlooking the street more private, and I thought I would appreciate seeing the rainbow colors on the window itself. But then when the light was shining on it at the right angle, it cast these beautiful rainbow colors on the wall. So I bought a second roll to put on one of our master bedroom windows that overlooks our neighbor's patio so I don't have to draw the curtains. In the morning now, the light comes in at just the right angle to pass through the rainbow prism and cast beautiful rainbow colors on the wall." —J.B.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.98+ (available in 10 sizes).

    18. A set of three flickering flameless candles to add instant ambience to any room. They're controlled via remote and have a timer and dimmer. Even better: each one is wrapped in an unbreakable plexiglass shell, so no need to worry about keeping these around children or pets.

    19. A moon phase garland if you consider astrology part of your personality. This is a great option if you have lots of wall space and want to add a bit of texture and shape.

    Reviewer's bedroom wall shows art and the moon garland

    20. A faux-leather-wrapped table lamp to add a pop of color to any neutral interior. Its simple shape will look good almost anywhere.

    21. disco ball planter hung with macrame rope or displayed on a stand — it comes with both so you can play around to see what you like best. Now every night is club night, even if you're in your coziest pair of pajamas. 

    Reviewer's hanging planter is shown
    a gif of the disco ball planter twirling and shimmering

    Promising review: "This planter brings me so much joy every day! It is well crafted and beautifully packaged. I appreciate the extra touches, like the fact it comes with a few extra mirrored tiles and that there are different ways to display it — it comes with a stand and nicely braided hanging rope. Every day my whole living room becomes a party :) Cannot recommend enough." —Phil

    Get it from Amazon for $29.97.

    22. A tiny, wavy cloud-shaped mirror, because why settle for a boring rectangular mirror when you can use this dreamy one instead? And it's small enough to fit onto nearly any surface.

    reflection shown in a wavy cloud shaped mirror with no frame, held up in a bamboo base
    the same wavy cloud shaped mirror arranged next to other decor

    Promising review: "LOVE!!! it arrived safely in one piece without breaking or cracks, took seconds to put together, and isn’t wobbly at all. I would recommend!" —Aubree Sklar

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    23. A super thin electric fireplace that's designed to mount directly on the wall, no construction required. It comes with a remote control that lets you adjust the flame colors and speed, and set a timer.

    Reviewer's faux fireplace is placed on a living room wall

    24. A very realistic bouquet of faux red roses, because sometimes you just want to go with a classic. 

    Promising review: "Retired florist here...These roses have a velvet finish and for the money they are amazing.. I gave a few to a cashier at the grocery store, and she jumped up and down. At first, she thought they were fresh. When she realized they were artificial, she was even happier." —Michael Molinaro

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in seven colors).

    25. An LED pearl in shell light if you're trying to make mermaidcore happen. The "pearl" (a round LED bulb) is super shiny and bright, and casts a gorgeous glow.

    close up of the white version of the ceramic shell with an LED
    the same shell in pink color with glowing led

    Promising review: "The picture doesn't do justice to the iridescent paint. I ordered the pink lamp, and it glimmers with hues of purple and green. Very pretty and mermaid-esque. I was worried about the size because of other reviews, but the size is perfect and matches the product description. Any bigger would be too gaudy for a dresser or nightstand, in my opinion. It gives off as much light as your standard hallway nightlight, so maybe too dim for kids who are scared of the dark, but perfect for teens or adults who can't fall asleep with bright lights left on. I love that it's cordless so I can place it anywhere for decoration, though I haven't tested the battery longevity yet. My lamp arrived packaged in styrofoam and had zero damage. I'm very pleased. It reminds me of Urban Outfitters' aesthetic and is perfect for a modern cabana decor theme." —Natalia C.

    Get it from Amazon for $36.99+ (available in pink or white).