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39 Backyard Investments That Turn Every Weekend Into A Staycation

The hottest and most exclusive vacation destination is about to be your own backyard.

1. An app-controlled outdoor nebula cloud projector to light up your outdoor space in the coolest, most colorful way possible. The hottest club in your town will be your backyard whenever you turn on this thing.

2. An aesthetically pleasing giant four-in-a-row game for keeping you and your guests entertained for hours. It's all-weather, designed to be quiet, and has a carrying case for storing when not in use.

Two women playing a large outdoor Connect Four game on a patio

3. A bottle of grass seed specifically designed to repair damages to your lawn caused by pets and the sun. Using a combination of mulch, seed, and soil, you simply sprinkle this over your problem areas and let it do its thing. Within weeks, those bald spots will be gone.

Before and after photos of a lawn in recovery; the top image shows patchy grass while the bottom shows improvement

4. canopy swing that rocks and swings *and* provides you with shade on extra sunny days. It's zero gravity, so when you're all tucked in, you'll feel weightless. 

a reviewer sitting in a blue swing using a laptop
the blue swing in a different reviewer's yard

Promising review: "We love this lounge chair!!! The price was fabulous!! (And just a note... If you take care of your things — i.e. cover up the swing with a tarp and bring the cushions in when not using it — It will stay like new. Sun and rain can age anything! Easy-peasy!!) This lounge swing is so comfortable and made very well!! It only took my hubby and me 25–30 minutes to put together. Take my word for it... you are not going to find a nicer lounge swing at this price!!" —Marash

Get it from Amazon for $199.99.

5. A portable, Bluetooth-enabled outdoor speaker with all the bells and whistles you could possibly ever need. Can it play music nonstop for 24 hours on a single charge? Totes. Is it waterproof? Yes. Floatable? Uh-huh. Does it have a racetrack subwoofer with a max output of 80W? Heck yeah, it does!

6. A chic black and white outdoor rug to instantly transform your outdoor space into a scene right out of The White Lotus. Not only does it add a touch of pizzazz, but it's also made from durable materials designed to withstand the elements.

7. An outdoor furniture set with a sofa, two chairs, and two ottomans so you can make sure your backyard is as inviting as your living room. The sofa and chairs offer ample seating for guests, while the ottomans serve double duty as extra seating or a spot to kick up your feet.

Outdoor seating area with a sofa, chairs, and a table under sunlight, with a potted plant and cushions on the furniture

8. A colorful tree swing for you and the tiny tots in your life to create Hallmark movie–level memories. It's waterproof AND has a weight capacity of 900 pounds, so the whole gang can comfortably and safely use it together.

9. An outdoor pizza oven to create custom, homemade pizza whenever you want. It'll be way cheaper than pricey room service, that's for sure!

10. A wicker egg chair that demands everyone's attention so you can be the star of your backyard. Just make sure you're camera-ready because you will absolutely be the main character once you're sitting in this.

11. A two-burner griddle grill to make sure you have a delicious spread of food every time you host meals al fresco. No need to hurry into the house to get to cooking — with this you can stay outside with your pals and enjoy what's going on.

12. Some waterproof and shatterproof solar-powered outdoor string lights for turning your backyard into a whimsical nighttime oasis. Perfect for draping over trees, winding around railings, or highlighting the edges of your outdoor living space, they create an intimate setting that's both magical and inviting.

13. A chic cooler that doubles as a side table to keep your drinks cool. Now you can kick back and relax instead of having to run into the house every time you want to crack open a cold one.

14. A pack of solar-powered path lights to stick into the ground so your pathways are always beautifully lit once the sun sets. Because they're powered by the sun, you never need to worry about running out of battery or turning them on at night. It all happens automatically!

Garden at night lit by ground lights showcasing various succulents and desert plants along a pathway

15. An inflatable dinosaur water play center for transforming your backyard into a miniature waterpark. It has a slide with a landing pad and a movable dinosaur arch water sprayer to keep everyone cool.

Inflatable dinosaur-themed children's pool with sprinkler and slide in a backyard

16. A pack of waterproof playing cards to keep yourself occupied during those long lazy days. No need to worry about drink spills or sudden spring showers. Oh, and they can double as drink coasters if you're in a pinch.

17. A compact three-piece sectional and table set for creating a beautiful, spacious place to lounge around on. The chaise is reversible so that you can have it on the right or left side.

A sofa chase sectional and small table are shown on a balcony

18. Some color-changing inflatable pool balls to illuminate your pool all night. They're solar-powered and will last about eight hours on a single charge.. They're solar-powered and will last about eight hours on a single charge.

Four different-colored balls floating in the pool

Each light cycles through red, blue, white, and green.

Promising review: "My pool is so old school and boring that I bought these to liven it up, and what a difference!! My pool went from 'meh' to WOW! The balls are easily inflated by mouth like a beach ball. Once inflated, a few hours in the sun, they are charged and ready to go. They light up after dusk (it has to be rather dark). There is no manual way to power them on or off; they glow all night. The changing colors are vibrant and very beautiful. They have a loop at the top if you want to hang them. They would be magical, hanging in a tree or from a pergola. I really liked how easy these were to fill and charge, and I like the solar power and the amazing color display. They make my inner child happy." —J. Matheson

Get a set of four from Amazon for $69.99.

19. A colorful three-piece patio set when you're dealing with limited space but want a cozy place to enjoy your morning cup of joe or a meal outside. The bright color can create a nice focal point in an otherwise drab area of your outdoor space.

a reviewer's green patio set
a different reviewer's blue patio set

Promising review: "Perfect size for our quaint balcony space in our condo building. The vibrant chartreuse color couples perfectly with our retro robin egg door. Lightweight, already assembled, and super easy to clean. The price makes this set a no-brainer. (It's cheaper than Target and CB2, but it is equal in quality.) Awesome summer buy." —Nouvelle Mere

Get the set from Amazon for $119.99+ (available in six colors).

20. portable 100-inch movie screen to host outdoor movie nights. Now that a lot of movies are premiering on streaming services instead of exclusively in theaters, you can have your own red carpet opening night (ball gowns and tuxedos optional). 

Promising review: "I love the size and the fact that it takes five minutes to set up and five minutes to take down. Very portable and lightweight to carry. Very sturdy. I would highly recommend." —Kathi

Get it from Amazon for $94.95.

21. A quilted hammock with a detachable pillow so you can take a nap under your favorite tree. Each hammock can hold up to 450 pounds, so grab a loved one and get to snuggling.

22. A triangular sail to block harmful UV rays while providing your outdoor space with necessary shade. A simple way to create a cool, relaxing area during those hot days when the sun is just relentless.

23. A cedar backyard play set so you can have your very own playground right in your backyard. This thing has everything! Swings, climbing wall, picnic table, slide, sandbox, and more.

Wooden playset with slide, swings, and climbing wall in an outdoor setting. Suitable for children's backyard play

24. Or a foldable play set if you want something a little more low key (but still loads of fun). It has a slide, climbing wall, swing, monkey bars, rope wall climbing net, and a wooden ladder.