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    21 Things From Target To Help You Get Your Dream Patio Space

    It's not too late to perfect your patio with destination-inspired decor and functional furniture pieces.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of lantern string lights that will make your patio feel like you're hanging out at a fancy European bistro. Ooh la la!

    The string lights

    2. A trendy egg chair that will make you feel like a real influencer. Transition this piece easily into fall with cozy pillows and blankets for the perfect place to wind down after work.

    The chair styled with a pillow and blanket

    3. A set of two cane patio dining chairs to complete the black and white neutral patio of your dreams. Set them up for a small conversation space on their own, or add them to a dining area.

    The chairs around a table with a bench

    4. A three-piece patio table and bench set to add seating and style to even a small space. Plus, the bench seating is detached so your guests won't have to do the awkward straddle climb over to sit down.

    Two benches and a table with wood top and yellow metal legs

    5. Or an outdoor dining table to pair with your favorite patio chairs. This steel black table can handle everything thrown at it — from weather to wine spills.

    The black table

    6. A tiki torch because who doesn't want to make their outdoor space feel like a tropical destination? These modern torches double as ambient lighting and bug repellent with this bite-fighting torch fuel.

    The torch next to a table

    7. A tabletop fireplace that will allow you and your friends to have patio fireside chats well into fall.

    The fireplace on top of a patio table

    8. An outdoor patio rug so your life outdoors is just as cozy as it is indoors. This patterned rug comes in a ton of sizes and colors, so it will really fit any space!

    The rug underneath patio furniture

    9. A cozy woven loveseat because even if your patio is small, that latest BookTok-recommended romance deserves to be read while lounging in the sun.

    The loveseat next to matching chairs

    10. A throw pillow or two (or five) because no one wants to rest their head on metal patio furniture frames. Give your head a soft place to land while adding some fun to otherwise neutral decor.

    the yellow and white sun print pillow on a patio chair

    11. A terra-cotta planter to extend your boho decor outside and add green to an apartment balcony. Reviewers love that the inside is sealed ceramic to avoid added moisture!

    A plant in the planter

    12. A ceramic citronella candle for a stylish and subtle way to keep away bugs and make sure the only guests at your dinner party are the friends you invited.

    The green candle on a table outside with other decor

    13. A wood patio coffee table for a place to put down your morning cup of coffee or rest your post-work happy hour cocktail. You could even use it as an added WFH space for the days that demand you to be outside.

    The coffee table next to a sofa and chairs on a patio

    14. A Cuisinart tabletop patio heater because if these heaters work for your favorite restaurant they can heat your patio, too. Even better, these small but powerful heaters can be placed anywhere you really need to bring the heat.

    The heater on top of a side table

    15. A small-space patio set that comes with two chairs and a small table. Squeeze the most out of sunny days even if all you have is an apartment balcony or front porch.

    The patio set on a balcony

    16. A macrame hammock chair that is a definite upgrade from our parents' rope loungers. It comes with a spreader bar and is ready to hang for a relaxing afternoon.

    the blue striped hammock hanging in a garden

    17. An outdoor bar cart that can help you serve drinks, sun your plants, store gardening tools, or whatever your heart desires.

    The cart with plants and decor

    18. A 9-inch round patio umbrella because some of your friends were born without the natural ability to tan and will be truly thankful for the extra shade.

    19. A cult-favorite Weber charcoal grill for the purists who believe the best burgers and hot dogs can't be cooked with anything else. This low-profile grill is portable so you can host a barbecue no matter how big or small your patio is!

    The grill outside

    20. A set of four plastic wineglasses because no one wants to spend the day after hosting cleaning up broken glass outside.

    The wine glasses

    21. A bug trap fan and light because nothing kills a vibe like having to swat away flies and other bugs all night.

    The bug trap

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