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Which TV Teacher Actually Sucked Even Though The Show Tried To Make You Love Them?

How did Mr. Shue win that Teacher of the Year award?

Sometimes TV shows give us excellent examples of teachers who help guide their students on a path to success.

But sometimes, shows give us teachers who we are supposed to love, but are actually awful and do the opposite of what a good teacher is supposed to do.

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Like Mr. Shue from Glee who held his students back in awful ways, like lying about finding weed in Finn's locker just so he could blackmail him into joining the glee club.

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Or Mr. Fitz from Pretty Little Liars who seemed to spend more of his time dating underage students than actually teaching.

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Or Professor DuPont from Riverdale who literally devised a plan to kill Jughead.

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We want to hear your opinions! Tell us some of the worst TV teachers and why they are so awful. The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.